Saturday, January 17, 2009

Baby it's cold outside... And Inside!!

We came home tonight at 1000pm and our heater was broken!!!! Thankfully it was only 64 degrees and just the cats feet were cold but the house felt like 30!!! Of course being a Daddy's girl I cried and said let's call my daddy but then I realized my man is capable, haha. So he called a local company and they came over and were soooooooo nice and helpful, they definately have our business!!!! We had a bad ignitor among other things, needless to say it is working but we need a new heater come to find out. So until it starts working all the way better, it's snuggle time which isn't bad :) I have had an amazing weekend and am so excited about it. Robyn and I went out last night and had a blast!! BrideWars is an amazing movie and I can't wait to buy it when it comes out!!! I always have soooo much fun with Robyn but this time I truly realized how blessed I am to have her as a friend, we are so much alike but just never realized it. I am making it a goal to not let the 45-60 min drive stop me from getting close to her again. Mike and I look forward to doing more things with her and craig.
We went to a pep band invitational today for Evan and it was really fun. It is cute to see all those kids get so into their music and cheering on their school. We had dinner with Evan and he "has found the perfect girl" haha gotta love 15 year old boys. He has homecoming this friday and is really excited to take this "perfect girl" who we have yet to meet. Tomorrow is a lazy day but a fun day, how can lazy not be fun :) Thursday I get my hair done in Greenwood!! Wow what a weekend and a week to come. Hope everyone is having a great weekend!!

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