Wednesday, September 26, 2012


Although Mommy is really uncomfortable and BP is elevated Cadence passed her "happy test" with flying colors today!! She say's peace everybody.

Sunday, September 23, 2012


Since going to the Dr the other day my blood pressure stayed elevated most of the day.  Not sure if it was because I was worried or just the fact that I have been wearing myself out lately.  I took off work this weekend and rested.  I felt so much better about it but around 10 last night I was feeling pretty yucky so Mike took my BP.  160/96.  My instructions were to go to the hospital if BP went above 160/110.  As ER nurses Mike and I see these numbers alot in patients and most of the time we shrug them off.  But when I hadn't felt Cadence move much I was getting worried.  So instead of waiting till we got to that high number we went to the hospital.  I cried and shook the whole way there.  Mike was so good and comforting, I know he will be awesome when I actually go in labor.  We got there and I had the most awesome nurse ever!!  She hooked me up and right away tried to comfort me saying Cadence was doing just fine, just running out of room and her movements are different now.  I was getting so used the her kicks.  After talking to Mike and I and reassuring me, she finally took my BP.  130's/70's the entire visit!! PTL!!  But I felt like such a loser.  I was like I am wasting everyone's time but she reassured me better safe than sorry.  We were joking that we have to have Cadence on a weekend night now so she can be our nurse :)  So it is taking it easy for me this week and we go back for a non-stress test and Growth US Wednesday to see where we are with everything and to see if I need to start going every week for visits.  I know eventually I will probably have to take off work but I don't want to spend all my leave before she even gets here.  But I want her healthy so I will do what I need to.  I am already starting to pack Mike and I's bag for the hospital because you never know what is going to happen!  What are some of the essentials that I should make sure I take for when I go into Labor????  I looked up different things online but I would love to hear what I DEFINATELY need.
Hubs spoiling me with veggies and waiting on me hand and foot :)
Esme and Daddy being silly
30 weeks!!!
Getting the bottles and the pump ready!

Friday, September 21, 2012

Blood Pressure

Today I had a normal every 2 week check up with Dr Hopf. I always love going to my Appointments with him. I am 29 weeks, 30 weeks in 2 days. It is really crazy how fast time is going. Well apparently baby girl thinks the same, my belly is measuring at 32 weeks. wowza big girl hehe.

Unfortunately my B/P is up and some protein in my urine (just a trace) so my body is finally telling me to slow down and take it easy. So if you could say a prayer that would be great! We would much appreciate it. I am not on bed rest yet but I'm afraid if I don't slow down I will end up there. Hope you all have a great weekend!!

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Hello my privateers!!

Privacy is awesome let me tell ya! I was so excited when all of you wanted to continue to follow along. Without sounding like a drama llama I will just tell you that some people were stealing my pictures and some people following along were total creepers.

I want to be able to blog because i love it but don't want to worry about some people putting my info or pics of my daughter where I don't want them.

Anyways onward!!!

Until I figure out my blogger app my pictures will be wonky compared to my comments on them.

Cellphone unload!!!

Some ornery cats and a baby belly!

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Just a head's up!

Going to be going private on the blog soon! Let me know your email addresses if you want to follow along. Feel free to email me at or leave a comment here so I can add you to the list :). Even if you are a friend of a friend or just like to follow don't be afraid to email me to add you to the list!

Monday, September 10, 2012

28 Weeks Post

28 Weeks!!!

Cadence is supposed to be 2.5 lbs this week, she was measuring at least 2 weeks ahead at her 20 week US, and by the size of my belly and her kicks I think she is a little bigger than that :)

Maternity Clothes: I love my baby belly and will definately miss it and the clothes. I know some women don't like maternity clothes but i love them. My favorites right now are just plain fitted 3/4 sleeve shirts and maternity shorts.

Weight Gain: 10 lbs

Sleep: I sleep pretty well but man oh man bathroom breaks are like every 2 hrs! My maternity pillow is still the best thing since sliced bread.

Movement: Ok so she is a soccer player one day then a dancer the next. Feeling her move or kick is the coolest thing ever!

Food and drink Cravings: Chocolate milk!!! Fruit Roll ups, Fruit, Cheese

Milestones: The crib is up and we are starting every 2 weeks visits to the Dr.

I don't know how many times I look over at Mike and say, wow it's getting real!!

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