Monday, February 28, 2011

Helpity Help Help Help!!!

i really need some help
even if i dont know you
you are a friend of a friend of a friend
you've found me thru other blogs
you stalk me haha kidding
you knew me 10 years ago
and so on
i like new and old friends
friends i never knew existed
i am wanting to make/craft most things in our new home once it is built
i am looking for some great craft home idea blogs
please let me know who you stalk :)
if you dont want to comment and send an email
email me at
thanks lovies

Day 3

Ran 1 mile Walked 1/2 a mile

my hammies are screaming
but its getting better
so take that running!
you can kiss it!
great run followed by a great dinner
and just for you miss Carri
ISO 500 F 1.4 1/125
on all the next pics

this is what reminds me why i work so much

Melt My Heart Monday
there are just some things that really makes you smile
makes your heart melt
i had a patient that didnt want to leave my care today
sometimes you have to love what you do!

Day 2 Rain=Fail

i detest rain
but not as much as snow and cold
i just wish it didnt storm yesterday
just rain
then running outside would have been fine
so it was to the treadmill i went
i loathe the treadmill
i ran 1/2 a mile (a very slow one at that)
it seemed like it took 5 years for that 1/2 mile
my hamstrings are screaming at me
i have somehow developed some horrible breathing disorder
 in the last few years
or maybe i am just that out of shape
ibuprofen+tylenol+water= feet hitting the pavement again
Happy Monday!

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Day 1

So I punched running in the face last night
walked 1/2 mile then ran 1 mile
but it punched me back
right straight in the mouth
and in the gut
and in the shins!!
guess i better fight back tonight
thank you ibuprofen and tylenol
see you on the pavement after work
Happy Sunday!

Saturday, February 26, 2011

a little of this..... a little of that....

i would say i am a dabbler
as hubs would say......
"you are so black and white
there is never a gray for you"
"you are gung ho about things and then you stop"
well after knowing me from my blog
you are probably thinking THATS IT!  THAT IS EXACTLY HOW SHE IS!!!
i know i am so hot and cold
i go gung ho and mean so well
then poof
my lazy, unmotivated, whiny, excusive (not a word but I said it so it is now :) self kicks in
one thing i am good at.....
talking up a mean game, as in.......
"i am gonna punch you in the face"
"i am gonna punch him/her in the face"
"if i just punched someone in the face, i would feel better and so on"
its an issue i know but i really do feel better when i say it :)
anyways, long story short, my friend CARRI 
introduced me to SkinnyRunner .
head on over and check it out
its motivating and well my gunghoness has kicked in
because of this..............

Thats right!
that is my kinda shirt!
so in closing
see ya out on the pavement
and maybe a mini!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Friday, February 18, 2011

Hello Weekend!!!!

Wowza, its been one heckuva week here
lots of work and lots more this weekend
once you have a goal in mind (building a house)
working alot doesnt seem so bad
can you believe this weather???????
we have been out on the motorcycle most of the week after work
today we got to spend the whole day on the bike
it was pretty rad
im too much of a wuss to ride my own like my friend donna
so i like to ride with my hott hubs
we went to Overlook Restaurant and it was sooo goood!
mmmm fried pickles :)

Monday, February 14, 2011

Love Day Continued............

dinner in my belly

now cuddling with my little family

carry on with your loving :)


Happy Love Day!!!!!

did you miss me???
i missed you!
a little technology break is good every once in a while
trust me
you should try it
going to bed at 730 everynight
getting a good nights rest
it does wonders!
HAPPY LOVE DAY my friends!!!!!!
i woke up to a beautiful vase full of flowers and a card
hubs got a tervis tumbler and some swedish fish
we are making dinner together tonight :)
and watching lovie movies
yes i know
you can barf now!
heres a little peekie into our day

Serenity even loves them!

Have you seen these things???? soooooo cute!!

You put little surprises in it! and the feet have a clippie to clip stuff to it!

wishing you lots of love
The Snell Family!!!

Sunday, February 6, 2011

My Hometown

i live about 40 mins from my hometown
that is not far at all
considering i drive 45-50 mins
the other way to work
but yet it always seems too far
for me to just pick up and drive to
go visit friends
go visit family
go to zumba classes
go to dinner
but when i finally do 
i get this amazing feeling
as i drive thru all the familiar towns on the way
and pass by old friends houses
old "stomping grounds"
and local businesses
for people that have never left probably are thinking
this girl is crazy
that i may be but it never changes that old feeling
so last night i was sitting at home
hubs looked at me and said
"when was the last time you just went to stay at your moms, no plans, just went"
FOREVER it seems
so i packed up and went to stay at my moms
as i drove into town
  a song came on the radio that made me reminisce even more
made me realize
no matter how far away you get and wherever your life takes you
home really is where the heart is