Tuesday, December 31, 2013

2013 in Pictures

It was hard to decide what to include in my year in review.  Such awesome memories!  It is true.... A baby does change everything.

JANUARY... Lots of sleeping and cuddles
This was my new years date last year. Pooped out on me.

FEBRUARY.... More cuddles and celebrating love day with our sweet girl.

MARCH.... Cadence really starting to get a personality!

APRIL....  All of the easter festivities.  Love dressing Cadence up!

MAY...  Best Mother's day ever!  my first and cadence trying real food. mmmmm

JUNE... Summer FUN!

JULY... Happy 4th of July

AUGUST... Cadence's first trip and staying in a hotel (no fun with a baby!!)

SEPTEMBER.... End of summer fun and beginning of fall fun!

OCTOBER.... Happy Halloween

NOVEMBER.... Cady's first Birthday and Thanksgiving!

DECEMBER..... Happy Holidays!

What an amazing year!  Happy New Year!  Welcome 2014!!!  Love and Blessings The Snell's.

Christmas 2013

We had a great Christmas.  It was so much fun with a One year old!  She didn't really get the ripping of paper but totally got the bags with tissue!  Tissue was a flyin!  Note to self next year:  Buy all bags and tissue paper.  (I like wrapping a few things but hate wrapping lots of things.)  We went to all different gatherings and ate lots of good food!  Hope you all had a great Christmas!  Gonna have a low key New Year's with Sweet girl ( just the way I like it).