Monday, July 30, 2012

22 weeks and a NAME!!!

Baby girl is growing sooooo fast. I am feeling so good after finally getting past nausea/vomiting. The tiredness is coming back but for the most part this pregnancy stuff is awesome!!

At our last US she is measuring 2-3 weeks ahead! Already more than a lb and moving like crazy. Definately lots of dance parties in our future! I love love feeling her move and have had a few swift kicks but nothing uncomfortable yet.

We finally have decided on a name. Man people can be so opinionated!! So we decided to hold out a few weeks and let her name settle in and finally decided to let it be known. Our little baby girl's name is..... Cadence Lynn. Cady for short. It seems so real now!!!

We are loving watching the olympics and I am super ready for fall! If you follow me on pinterest you can tell i am ready for it :)

Thursday, July 12, 2012

19 weeks

This week baby is the size of a softball and weighs about half a lb. per my phone app.

Makes me so excited to think about baby growing and making milestones in there!

I am already feeling as if I will be as big a house by 20 more weeks. We are almost to the halfway point and I can't believe it.

I am craving lots of fruit. Just today I think I ate half a watermelon ;) and have been eyeing the strawberries!

Still can't stand meat except chicken and wanna punch someone when I smell Hubs chew, crazy psycho pregnant chick I tell you.

I picked out our crib and will take pics when we actually get it and it is up in the nursery.

Next week is the big reveal! I can't wait! I was thinking boy but now I am feeling girl so we will see!

Thursday, July 5, 2012


I haven't been using my DSLR lately. I just don't think about it when I have my Iphone with instagram. After I get my Canon out I kick myself for not using it more.

Some of my favorite things right now...

Baby clothes and canteloupe!!

My mom and SIL have been spoiling baby snell with the cutest things lately! I don't think I will have to buy anything :)

Monday, July 2, 2012

18 weeks

Well we are chugging right along! After feeling good for a few days my all day sickness came back so I am just assuming we will be in it for the long haul. That's cool though because there is a little miracle growing inside me!!!

I am getting anxious to start getting the nursery done! I know we have a long way to go but my ocd'ness is driving me bonkers to get it all nice and neat.

Still not many cravings, but a lot of aversions. Crazy psycho pregnancy chick comes out everytime I get a whiff of Hubs nasty chew (after I vomit of course). Men!!!

I feel like baby is doing flips already!! about 2 days ago I for sure felt baby! It was the coolest feeling ever. Almost like butterflies.

I read where hair color can change while pregnant. umm mine is kinda turning brown/red??? weiiiirddd

I love looking down while on the IPAD and seeing my belly poking out!