Thursday, November 20, 2008

Jinxy vs. Serenity

Wow. I didnt think it would be this hard. Jinxy is mad, serenity is wanting to play and then jinxy gives us dirty looks, she hissed at me and wouldnt let me hold her. AHHHHH I pray that this gets better.


Evans Room and Brooke Heather and I in Chicago.

So Mike came home from work today and he has been wanting a new cat forever because jinxy is "my cat" and just doesnt like him all that well but when he got home he said we are going to the shelter to get a cat. I have never been to the shelter and boy it was nice and sad at the same time. We played with the cats and wanted to take them all home and heard the dogs barking and just wanted to raise them all. If you want a new pet the shelter is a great place to get them. They are well taken care of, already have their shots and they install a chip for tracking purposes and we got coupons for more shots and spay/nueter coupons, food, and papers all for 65. Well, We ended up with one. Serenity. She is so cute and precious and Mike got what he wanted. Beside eating and playing Serenity has not left his side. If you all know Jinxy you know she is throwing a fit and hopefully will get over it. She just keeps hissing and hides under the bed.

It started snowing while we were at the shelter and Mike and I were basically jumping up and down like kids!!! It was awesome.

Ill leave you with some pictures of serenity and others I have promised. Have a great day.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Falling into place...

Everything is beginning to fall into place. I have been going thru orientation at Deaconess and start my first actual shift this saturday. Mike is doing awesome and enjoys St Marys. He just got an 11-11 shift also so yeah we are going to be on the same shift!!!! Evans room is coming along great. Carpet is in and walls are painted. Heather, Brooke, and I had a great time at Chicago and seeing USHER!!!! There are tons of funny stories but are better told in person, hahahaha right girls!! Once we get our computer all fixed up right I will be able to upload some pictures. Maybe after thanksgiving I will be able to put up tons of pics. I know I say this alot but I miss all my coworkers and friends at bloomington. I will hopefully visit after the first of the New Year. I know I have already posted on the upcoming holidays but I have to say it again... I LOVE IT!!! Our DVR is totally packed with shows already! I cant wait to decorate! I hope everyone is having a great week so far and have a great weekend coming up.

On to another note... with everything "falling into place" I have to be so thankful to our heavenly father for these great things. Without him nothing would be possible. I only come to God when I need something, isnt that sad?? Striving to be closer with him and his word is my highest goal, along with other new years resolutions this is the highest of importance and hope to be a stronger witness for God.

Monday, November 10, 2008

It's beginning to look alot like Christmas...

I love love love this time of the year. I know people are annoyed with christmas getting earlier and earlier but I'm not gonna complain. Many posts to come will update on the Snell family christmas but this a.m. when I woke up and turned on the tv my favorite channel abc family had a commercial for the countdown to 25 days of christmas and then the 25 days of christmas. If you have never watched this you must~!~!~! It is awesome!! I am giddy just thinking about it.

I was scrapbooking yesterday and found some old pictures of me before nursing school, when Mike and I first met, and coaching Barr Reeve softball. I cannot believe how much I have let myself go. It is sooooo sad. I think it is almost 70 lbs. So today I started back on weight watchers and working out. Its going to be a long hard journey but a journey I must take.

I have been out of bloomington a few days and already miss it, well not it but all the people in it. I start next monday at Deaconess. Evan was with us this weekend. We had a good time but we are starting to see some attitude and bad behavior develop and just a few minutes ago we got a call that he was suspended for fighting so I am not sure what we are going to do. Anyways I gotta get the house cleaned, workout, do laundry and do some other things. Maybe another blog later.Oh by the way the pictures above are of my awesome friends heather and Brooke and Mike and I at Marges party last weekend. It was a blast!!Have a great week.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Time Flies...

When your having fun. Life is great. I have 3 more days at Bloomington then I am off for about 12 days!!!! woohoo Thank goodness for an unexpected vacation. Tonight we are going to a party at Marges. My awesome friends are coming up from Eville and Washington and it is going to be a blast.
Mike and I are going over to the apt and meet with the apt people about the rent among other things. Please pray that we will make it out of there without oweing thousands and thousands of dollars and that Mike doesnt hurt anyone, jk jk hahaha. I have never lived somewhere that were total "moneygrubbers." I mean I know people are always out for their best interest and to make a buck but goodness this apt complex up here is the WORST place to live and the apt people are so rude and hateful. I can't wait to get out from under them. I have yet to hear a good thing about them when I talk about them at work. NEVER live at Millenium properties!
Anyways back to the good things in life because really God has blessed me with an awesome life and I am so thankful.
Family life is good, but I miss my nephew cooper alot. That is a long story that is better left in a personal conversation. He is so stinkin cute and pray for things to work out between Loren and us.
Evan is coming over next weekend. They did not advance to state but did a great job at semi-state last weekend. It is sad but we will get to see him more and he will be doing winter drumline soon. We get him for Thanksgiving and Christmas and we are really excited for that. He talks about it alot so I think he is excited too.
We are getting back on the Dave Ramsey budget which I would recommend to anyone! It is so easy to follow and saves you lots of burdens. I have lived from paycheck to paycheck and with Dave Ramsey you never have to do that. You always know where your money goes, not where did it go?
The house is coming along great. Evan's room is almost done then it is onto the living room. Lastly we will have the laundry-mud room and the bathroom to finish. Then some exterior work. It may be small and need work but we love our little house.
WOWZA I am rambling alot. I guess its because its been awhile. Have a great rest of the weekend!!!