Saturday, March 19, 2011

bad mom of the year award!

i definately get the bad mom of the year award
i was super tired last night
i usually let one of the cats sleep with me
usually serenity
esme our deaf and almost blind cat
just doesnt know personal boundaries
so i usually have to lock her out
so i dont have a cat licking me all night
last night i was so tired i put her out of the room
but left the other 2 in
hubs wasn't happy with me this am
because poor esme was upset
now i feel like poopy about it
sorry esme and sorry hubs
i wont do it again
i fell REALLY BAD!!!
she hasnt left my side all day now
to make up for being a bad mom
I did THIS
Happy Saturday

Thursday, March 17, 2011

drink stealer!

all i wanted was a little drink of grape soda
turn my back then

This little stinkpot got it!

good thing hes cute!
happy thursday!
its almost friday!
here's hopeing no one steals your drink :)

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Happy 3rd Birthday Coop

i have a ton more photos
apparently i have reached my FREE amount of photos
once i get some pennies together
i will have more pictures :)
till then imagine pictures of a cute little 3 year old
opening presents, eating cake, and playing outside 

Reality tv smackdown

ugggh seriously do i have to say anything???
the bachelor was uber annoying
typical guy goes after the girl that isn't sure and
throws away the one who is head over heals with him
seriously if i was in the audience
i would have punched brad in the face
after the disrespect and
unbelievable behavior he showed towards Chantal
i seriously cried my eyes out for her
he went from yummy and charming to
ugly and cruel in a hot second
TYPICAL guy!! seriously i am so mad
which leads me to my next point
i am a horrible person because of my obsession with reality TV
seriously i have internal conflict when reality shows go awry
I'm still waiting on Nick Lachey and Jessica Simpson to get back together
i want Jon and Kate plus 8 to be a family again
and each time a new bachelor comes out i am dying to see how it turns out
am i the only person like this???
seriously its kinda crazy!
i told hubs that i am never watching the bachelor again!! (yeah right)

Monday, March 14, 2011

Bachelor Night babyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!

im totally a sucker for reality tv
favorite show
i know i know its super lame-o
but its just a train wreck i cant look away from!

yummy brad
is gonna pick a wifey tonight!
i cant wait
im gonna let you on a little secret too


yes contrary to what he says he can't miss it
so we celebrated with an aweosme dinner mmmmmm

and i bought smoothies for while we are watching

im team chantal

mike is team emily

we shall see who is right!

i keep reading all the smut on the internet and i need to stop!
its driving me crazy!

blooper-d-dooper and a rockin good photog

my bff SANDY
is an AMAZING photographer
like bring tears to your eyes amazing

she is doing a blooper contest
there are a ton of bloopers in the life of the Snells
i couldn't find the one i really wanted to enter
but i did enter a great one of hubs

Story:  I always dreamed of my wedding day getting flowers and a note (like you see on movies).  I wrote this cute little note and had my SIL deliver it to Mike.  Welllllll, he wasn't quite so prepared, so what do you do?  Grab some toilet paper and write one back!  Yes, I still have that piece of toilet paper in my keepsake box :)
you should probably head over to her facebook
and like her page and like hubs pic :)

ANYWAYS enough about me

like i said is amazing
i pretty much have to talk to her everyday!
no, i am not biased since she is my bff
i am being truthful!!
like check this out.....

now thats what i call an adorable pic!
check her site out, facebook her, set up an appt!
and tell her i sent ya
even just leave a sweet comment
comments are always great for a photog :)

Love ya Sandy!

Sunday, March 13, 2011

rambling mumbojumbo

coop turns 3 today
we celebrated yesterday
i am going to dinner with my bff lo tonight
i plan on sleeping for like 48492347283 hours tonight
then i plan to get back into my routine
ok enough rambling maybe a good blog after today :)
Happy Sunday

Saturday, March 12, 2011

wannabe runner

i like to blog
its kind of weird
some people have criticized me for it
thats cool
im sure my ridicule of facebook causes this, touche!
i was a facebook junky
now im a blog junky
why this is better?
i have no idea but i do like doing it
i have been blowing up this blog with my weightloss efforts and running
i decided to start a new blog/journal
you and check it at
if you are annoyed with my running efforts
 just keep on checking here
for the lovely updates of our life :)

Wednesday, March 9, 2011


over the last 2 days i have been completely frustrated
you know the kind??
the kind that
anything anyone says you wanna punch em in the face
everything gets on your nerves
you feel like you are just barely treading water
you just wanna scream!

yeah ive had those days
still can't figure out why
but it happens
i think once hubs and i get over
all this working and into our house
i will be better

yesterday i was uber PO'd that it started raining when i got home
so i thought i my aswell break out the treadmill

Then I realized how much i hate the treadmill and like running outside so I let the cats play on it

it was my rest day but i needed to relax so i

Ran 1.5 miles Walked 1/4 mile

then today i can't even count on my hands
the amount of people i wanted to punch
people are just lazy and have a million excuses
i am kinda going crazy because i cant just tell people to shut it!

so i came home and took out some frustration

Ran 3 miles Walked 1/4 mile

dun dun dun nuh uber dork!  wow i need my sweatyband in a bad way!

i am finally starting to feel good about food
i realize i dont want to crap on what i did for the day (run)
so i eat good stuff like this

mmmm veggie sub
ok i feel better now
dont worry i am not really this hostile
i just like to sound big and bad :)
The End

Monday, March 7, 2011

short and sweet....


ran 3 miles, walked 1/4 mile
(back to my original goal of run 3 miles nonstop by this time :) )

ate dinner


now blog stalking

all to wake up and do the same thing tomorrow

Happy Monday!

Sunday, March 6, 2011

a fail = success and a love note

i had the best of intentions to make hubs a cake
well those intentions went out the back door
since i am working almost everyday now
so today i thought i would make brownies
no oil= fail
but my ingenious friend SANDY
told me that applesauce will work plus
make it healthier
i did just that
it actually turned out more like a cake!

i sang hubs happy birthday
after all the dogs in the neigborhood stopped barking
we enjoyed this yummy cake/brownie thing

Dear Hubs,

thanks for being so awesome,
providing for us and making me soooooo happy
you make me a better person
and i cant wait to spend many more bdays with you

Happy 37th Birthday Old Man


party on wayne! party on garth!

wasn't waynes world a classic!
if youve been reading
you probably know that we celebrated hubs birth this weekend
and we all know he is old
(i'm really kidding about the old)

you gotta take naps before you celebrate!

oops caught me!

birthday boy

hubs, brad, and donna

beautiful donna our lovely DD

mmm beer

i sooooo wish i had a flash on my iphone or i had my recorder on.  yes hubs won dance contests when he was younger, he is pretty proud, we went to an 80s club and he went crazy! only guy in the middle of a ton of women!
ending the night right

yes he seriously bought a case of 30 burgers, blechhhh actually it was my first time eating white castle and it was tasty..... for a little bit, good thing i run 2 miles a day!
now this is what we are all doing today

Saturday, March 5, 2011

take that rain!

its been raining for 2 days straight
its ok
its better than snow
makes for a soggy run
but thats ok too

Ran 2 miles Walked 1/4 mile

creepy huh? i had to put on makeup before we ran some errands then when i ran, rain= war paint

omg seriously i am a dork, I can't wait to actually look cute in workout clothes
Happy Saturday!

oh and p.s.  we went to a home store and picked out all the flooring and lighting for our house and then tonight we are going with our best buddies to stuff our face and celebrate the old man getting older

Friday, March 4, 2011

it's Friday night and im feeling right

Party here in the snell house!!!!!
It's hubs birthday weekend
Old mans gettin old
I might need to trade him in
Just kidding
I'm pretty sure I'm not me without him :)
Extra lovey doviness there for my friends
We are hanging at home tonight
Eatin good ol homemade BBQ chicken pizza
Watching our dvr'd shows and cuddling!!!
That's right puke it out!!!
Happy Friday!!!!

Thursday, March 3, 2011


my iphone and email and internet and blog
are totally not linking up satelites
so once again you will not be blessed with running pictures
i know your so sad
its ok dont cry
the satelites linked up

today was my "off" day, "rest" day
well I couldnt do it so
i took it "easy"

Ran 1 mile Walked 1/2 mile

if you dont own a "sweatyband" you should probably go buy one, They ROCK!

2 miles BOOYAH!! see i told you just a nasty hot mess

1/2 way done with a 1 mile "easy" run

must keep going!

one of gods many wonders, a beautiful sunset to finish out a nice run
Happy Thursday! Its almost the weekend!!!!!!!!!!!

Day 5

I gave running a little
heymaker to the babymaker last night

Ran 2 miles, Walked 1/4 mile

my internet is being stupid
i tried to upload you some splendid pics of moi
(because you like seeing pics of me right :)
but my internet kept messing up
maybe more tonight
im running on a few hrs of sleep
give me a break, thank you :)
Happy Thursday!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Yes, Please....

i just thought hubs should know that i wanted one of these
the end
Happy Hump Day!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Day 4

Ran 1.5 Miles Walked 1/4 mile

Take that running!!!

before running because you dont want to see me after, 2 words, hot mess

gotta love running in indiana, barns and grain bins

Its that time!

its time for whats on my phone
if you have never played
check it

someone found the marker and decided he needed a mole hahaha

hubs loves when i take his pic, cant ya tell!! :)

snuggle buddies, kinda makes me wanna puke!

oh hey mom just chillin in your basket

aww look if i snuggle enough he will give me some of his corona

esme" i bet they cant see me up here"

its just a big mess of cats around here

totally one of the ideas for our new house

and i leave you with our "smartest child" "i sleep better all sprawled out" dork!

Happy Tuesday!