Monday, January 31, 2011

lazy day at the snell house
just getting ready for this
"ice storm"
now im off the watch the bachelor
i love that show

Sunday, January 30, 2011

now i know

ok so if my computer didnt cost me so much
i would totally chuck it out my window right now
i just spent 2 hours on a website with all this cutesy font
and how to upload it
and do this and that and all this crapload jargon
about html this and that
seriously it DIDNT EVEN WORK
now i know why people get paid big bucks to design blogs
now i will go save up some money for a new blog design
ok i feel better
stepping down from my soapbox

not to brag...

ok maybe i am going to brag a little
as my friends say
another perfect hubs story :)
ok your right
nobody is perfect
but he sure does make a good effort at it
hubs quit this......

yes i know disgusting
no more nasty chew bottles in the house
no more nasty nastiness
he did it cold turkey
just quit
thats it
no nicotine patches, gum, NOTHING
just did by sure willpower
wow I wish I had as much willpower as him on things
great job hubs, i am so proud of you

Thursday, January 27, 2011

vday 1

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You Know What I Love???????????

this little cutie patootie, reese aka reese cup, reese piecey

grocery shopping day=fully stocked fridge

and valentines decorations of course!


What I Wish I Wore Wednesday
i love doing this
its like shopping for my inner self
you know the one you think looks awesome
or you envision yourself in it (the outfit) and it is so cute
then you see the mirror and its evil twin is there!
Spring edition from Old Navy 
oh man wouldnt that be nice!




Thursday Friday Saturday and Sunday

whats on ericas phone!! link up!!!

seriously, i think my computer eats all my pictures!
i load like a blue million pics from my phone and always end up with like 5
lets do it!
if you havent done this
you must!
follow the link at the top and get clickin!
who wouldnt want to wake up to this???

you know just chillin with my aunt ee

hi ! meet my new horse Steel

and i leave you with the best ever! its not a purse.....
its a satchel, you know Indiana Jones had one!
Who let the dogs out who whowho who!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Getting Real

ok so i have a ton of things to post like......
whats on my phone what i wish i wore wednesday among other things
but i decided to just get real, you know actually "journal" what i started this for
i am not sure why i feel the need to write about my life for the whole world to see. its so weird because i cant even put into words why i do it. i am usually extremely happy and try to see the good in everything (besides the users and abusers in the ER but thats a whole other story) but tonight i am having trouble seeing the good in....... anything. first let me start off by saying my mother is a saint. she seriously always knows what to say and is there for me no matter what. she is the epitomy of "call up momma when all else fails". without her im pretty sure i would be a mess. ok so whats this all about???? INFERTILITY! you know the big pink elephant in the room. the reason i layed on the cold floor tonight sobbing. poor hubs helpless. hes hurting too. i know it is different with guys but he tries so hard to be there for me. infertility is a nasty nasty thing it can be crippling at times. i know if your reading this and you have been there you understand and if your reading this and dont understand its really ok, you dont have to say anything just hug your babies a little tighter knowing that you have them. i have always wanted to be a mommy i mean its a BIG thing for me. we have tried and tried and tried and TRIED, nothing, not even a glimmer of hope. and before you ask what all have you tried? Why don't you just relax? Or say It will happen. The answers are too many, because we want it so bad, and that's not good enough. All I want is to see two pink lines! All I am asking for is one, not ten, just one. I am tired of it being my fault i am tired of hearing i am too fat i am tired of hearing that i need to relax i am tired of having to see children neglected at work everyday. I AM JUST TIRED OF BEING TIRED. I am not
writing for sympathy and I am not writing to offend anyone I am simply writing because it
helps. infertility sucks.

The end

Monday, January 24, 2011

This Folks

is why i love hubs.....
supper all ready and yummy for me after a long day of work
if you dont have a hubs like this you should probably go find one
no sorry i wont share
and yes he does have a brother but he is taken too
just sayin
happy monday

Sunday, January 23, 2011

an addiction, a breakthrough, and slight withdrawal......and some other goodies

DISCLAIMER: this is an extremely long post, if your anything like me i get annoyed with long posts. i actually just quit reading them and move on to the next but you might not want to miss this one.

that's right
we have some catching up to do!
hi my name is Erica
and i am an addict
i am an addict to alot of things
no its not what you think or what it sounds like
i dont do drugs
im not that crazy!
but i do have a very addictive personality
if i like something i will be obsessed
its quite weird actually
i could write a whole blog about my addictions to things
but we will save that for another day
wow i feel better now :) that i got that off my chest
ok so here goes
there is this evil little thing called facebook
its an noun, verb, adjective
it became a way of life
it has these uber creepy superpowers
it pulls you in
it entices you with "keeping up with your friends and family"
whatevs its just big brother trying to fake us out
SIDENOTE: (yes i am ADHD)
my beautiful super artistic friend Jaime
introduced me to Angie
another beautiful artistic woman
(on back on track)
they say it best HERE
really? are you guys like in my head or something?
yes read it, let it sink in
i did it, i took the plunge
i DELETED facebook
thats right cold turkey
i am having a little withdrawal here and there
but nothing a little loving from hubs can't fix
jk sorry that was for my friend Heather D ;)
actually truth be told i feel amazing without it
i was asked numerous times
well, i am going to call, write, txt, visit, email
you know the things we used to do!
it will no longer be: great seeing you, do you facebook, i will keep in touch there
it will now be: oh it's so nice seeing you, i havent seen you in forever, lets have lunch and catch up
bring pictures of your family, heck bring your kids and hubs
ok i feel better now
im not saying you have to do this
i am just saying if you want a support buddy
i am here for you :)
we can beat this addiction!

moving on
the slumber party!
i helped my friend DONNA
throw a slumber party birthday for her Addie
it was so fun!
games, food, movies, gossip
* i must admit me and donna were the coolest party planners
it was pretty rad
scavenger hunt, pizza, pin the tail on the donkey, dance party and more!
donna and i watched
Easy A
when the girls got tired of hanging with us old women
that movie is great!

Friday, January 21, 2011


man i miss those days
boy meets world, full house, step by step
those were the days
but i do get to do something fun
what are you doing tonight???
i am going to a birthday sleepover!
yes be jealous!
im ready to do hair and make up
play games
eat yummy foods
and act a fool!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

a massacre and snow

so your probably wondering what the h!!!!
that looks like a massacre!!!

so its not what you think or even what i thought
it goes like this
i get a txt from hubs saying
care to guess what that is (it was a picture of esmes hair all red)
i flipped
i was like seriously i just lost one cat
ima go crazy if i lost another
i instantly called hubs from work and said
what in the world!!
well let me just let you guess what our silly cat did

thats right gooftroop pulled over the candlewarmer
shes so silly
please dont go dialing KPS (kitty protective services)
we made sure she wasnt burnt and called the vet
we shaved what we could and the rest is just supposed to grow out
atleast she smells good :)

oh and i almost forgot
decor for valentines day is in the making
i love LoVe DaY!

i HATE snow days!
and yes i am going to whine about it
all you people that are gripeing about us
gripeing about snow you can get over it :)
this was my drive home  from work
2 hrs!

this was my ride there
1 hr and 45 mins

I think that gives me a little reason to whine

ok i think thats it
a nicer blog comes tomorrow
i promise :)