Thursday, December 31, 2009

2010 Resolutions...

WoW!!! 2010!!! Can you believe it? It just seems like yesterday we were all freaking out about Y2K. I have many resolutions and thought I am not going to post those, I hate it because I never stick to them. But, when I thought about it, I can be held accountable by anyone who reads this blog (not sure who you all are).

10 Resolutions of 2010

1. Count my blessings (Pray and Praise more).
2. Get back on the Dave Ramsey Budget.
3. Eat better, more veggies and fruit (No I am not going to say lose weight)
4. Make dinner for my family more.
5. Get pregnant (keep your fingers crossed) :)
6. Argue less with Evan and be more understanding of a 16 year old
7. Go on more dates with my husband.
8. Volunteer and give to the needy.
9. Spend more time with extended family.
10. Blog atleast once a week.

Hope you guys have a HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! We are going to the Dooleys and eat lots of food and fun with friends.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

2009... Year in Review

January: I was still working in Evansville and so was Mike. Still living in Princeton and trying to get out, hahahaha.

February: Nothing much this month other than me totaling our trailblazer in the horrible ice storm :( But God was watching over me and protected me, didn't come out with a scratch.

March: Mike turned 35 and I had a surprise party at our house for him. And Cooper turned 1!!!

April: I started working at BHER again. Loved everything but the drive and being away from home.

May: I married the man of my dreams!! We went to Pigeon Forge with some friends and family and had a great time.

June: Had a big reception celebrating our wedding, tons of family and friends came and we were so blessed to spend time with all of them and celebrate our new life.

July: We were able to get full and complete custody of Evan (yay!!) and we moved to Jasper.

August: Evan started school at Jasper High school and Band season started, our life began as very busy band parents.

September: Nothing much here but working and enjoying the Fall.

October: I turned the big 2-5!!! It was the first year that it just felt like another day :(

November: I started working at a local ER and love it. Working 6a-4p and actually have a normal life.

December: Lots of Holiday planning, baking, and parties.

Monday, December 21, 2009

Woooaaahhhh (in a Joey Lawrence voice)

I am totally a blonde!!! I have been using paper planners for years and cant stand not having everything organized but man it has become a hastle and I only carry a clutch purse most of the time (so not much fits). I have had my IPhone for a few months now and just now found the planner on it!!!! Let me tell ya it rocks!!!!! I will never go back to paper again! It keeps everything even to do lists in one spot and I dont have 50 million papers lurking around. I am so silly to never have used it. Ok anyways just thought I would throw that out there. Have a good rest of the Monday. One more day then I am off Wednesday and Thursday woohoooo!!

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Merry Christmas to me!!

Woohoo I got so much awesome stuff for my camera!!!! I just bought myself this awesome camera strap cover @ (llloooooovvvveee that website). It is soooo cute they are camera straps made by *Shey*(B). , check it out, she has great stuff! Mike got me a great 50 mm lens and I am getting ready to get a new camera bag. I found the most awesome website!!! This beautiful lady is the bomb!! I am just amazed with all that she does and has the best photos I have seen yet while studying photography. I only hope to be half as good as her. Just check it out she rocks! She also had this really cool blog that was a year in review, hmmmm I think I will. Hahaha. I am telling you I am just in awe how cool she is.

Speaking of a new year, I am getting excited. I love every year at this time when you can make resolutions (that I never can keep :) haha) , have a clean slate and reorganize and majorly clean your home.

We are going shopping wednesday (talk about last minute :)) Then thursday morning I have a shoot with the lovely Bullock family and then ITS CHRISTMAS EVE TIME BABY!!!!

MERRY CHRISTMAS AND HAPPY NEW YEAR if I dont make it back on the tell you before thursday!!!!!

Friday, December 18, 2009

Nothing really new...

Ladonna says its going to be an awesome day! HAHA Ladonna is a really sweet nurse I work with and she used to work with Mike. Work has been great, I know I know I have said it so many times, but dayshift is AMAZING. We joined B and B fitness and have been working out everynight for a week. I feel so good when I work out (amazing isnt it, haha all those work out goo roos were right).

Loren was really sick last night and Kari had a program so when we finished working out we stopped by and picked up Cooper. He was so cute! He had on his green frog boots with his jeans tucked in them and a camoflauge shirt on. He loves uncle Mike so of course he kept saying Mike Mike Mike, and sometimes EE (me). We ate pot roast, watched Charlie Brown Christmas, Disney Prep and Landing, Winnie The Pooh Christmas, and had bath time with Sesame Street bath toys, it was sooooooooooo fun. It made me really want babies!

Tonight Mom is coming over and we are all going to dinner then looking at christmas lights, then back home to start making cookie dough that need refrig. overnight and Saturday Mom and I are going to have a baking, shopping, movie watching day!! I just love this time of the year! Everyone is just so much happier :)

Anyways have a great weekend and rest of the work day.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Speed up or Slow down????

Well, I am not sure if we need to slow down or speed up with our life? I hear alot of fellow bloggers talk about life slowing down. I think that our life does need to slow down but we need to speed up. I feel like christmas is almost here and I havent done enough, I need to shop more, I want to watch more movies, go to more christmas parties, spend more time with family and friends. Mike and I have been talking about things we need to do this year, we just don't feel like we are doing enough. We feel like we need to do more to make our life complete. So some of my resolutions are going to be, volunteering, visit friends and family more, find a church, join a small group bible study, read the bible and read for fun, start school again, get my photography business rolling, I am going to start cleaning and organizing friends and family homes, making freezable dinners for friends that are having babies and just don't have time to make dinner. Hope you all are having a good holiday season and are enjoying the times. Tomorrow I plan on cleaning a friends home, relaxing and watching movies, then going to washington to the Journey to Bethlehem. Havent been for years and can't wait to see it again.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009


I know that he is not MY son but anymore it feels like it. He is such an awesome kid. We went for a 3 mile walk yesterday and talked the whole time. I actually got to really know how he has been feeling and what all he is thinking. Life is hard as a 16 year old and especially what all he has been through. He is adjusting to life at Jasper High School. Doing well in all his classes but Algebra but we are working on it.

I am so proud of him for being strong willed. He uprooted everything he knows and came to live with us at 16, that takes alot of guts. He rarely ever talked and his Dad and I have explained to him that he needs to open up, sometimes he opens up to much haha. He is just becoming an awesome young man. He is going to start helping me with my photography business and his dad and Chris's lawncare business plus do some odds and ends. We are going to work on budgeting money and keeping a checkbook. We are working on responsibilites and finishing things that you start and giving your all.

I came home from work sunday evening and he had done his chores, all the laundry, and cleaned our bathroom (that is a job!!!)

God has blessed me in so many ways and I am grateful. Just enjoying every minute of life :)