Tuesday, September 27, 2011

House Tour: Our Office

I have been working on organizing and decorating our new home
I have been hitting up pinterest for everything!
I saw this pin of a cute wall organizer from PB (pottery barn)
So I am working on a knock off snell affordable version.
I still need to get one more square cork board and file holder.

I gotta admit, before we moved into our house
I spent days on the couch (if I wasn't working) and watched TV and movies

Alot of people talked about how they never watched tv.
I was like what?????????
What do you do with your time?

Well Welcome to being a home owner haha
I want to clean, organize, and decorate from sun up to sun down!

I always wanted to do the home tour when the blog world was doing it.
So now that I have my own home I'm gonna do my own little tour.

First up is the office.......

A while back I repurposed the old desk I used when  I was a kid

Messy craft Closet ( upcoming project)

Another Pinterest Idea, cardboard S wrapped with black yarn and white fabric flowers

Monday, September 26, 2011

Worst blogger of the month award

I have been officially named worst blogger of the month

it's ok I will make up for it :)

Give me a few days and I will get warmed back up

Oh and just in case you were wondering Facebook is Dumb and Pinterest Rocks!

You won't see me much on the new FB because apparently I am dumb and can't figure anything out and well I rather pin stuff and read blogs anyway.

For being such good followers (everyone who keeps reminding me I haven't blogged for a while :) )

I am gonna do an old school What's on my Phone post!

Your welcome :)

hubs and I on our haircut and home depot date, we keep it real around here!

Our gift from the bank for buying our house, yes hubs car is dirtyyyyy!

First dinner in our new house!

keepin it real on Pinterest for my Loey

Why yes I am crafty and made this ;)

life is good in a new house, even better with 3 furbabies!

whatchu talkin bout willis!!!

Happy Monday!!

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Making our house a home!

I am going to write a post about how awesome everything is but while We are enjoying everything being so awesome I will just post some pics and fill you all in on all the details of the move and all the things surrounding it!

Welcome to our Home!!

The cats love it as much as we do!

Don't worry I will find my way out of this laundry this week, next month, or even next year!

Gotta have a big tv in your bedroom, duhhh!

Lots more pics and storied coming soon.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

A good good GOOD day!!

I found this cute shirt at Wal Mart for $7.00!!!

And I finally found the new bedding for our room from Carson's!!!  I have been searching and looking on pinterest for something and today I found THE ONE!!!   On Sale 70% off... BOOOOMMM!

We had our final walk thru and we move in next week!!!

Special thanks to hubs for practically breaking his knee while jumping the tarp surrounding the yard to make it in time for the self timer to go off.  Its those things that make me love you even more!!!


Ok so while we struggle to have little ones
Our Furbabies keep us happy :)

I know it probably isn't as fun to see our cats as kids but this is our world now
and I believe somedays it is just like having kids!

Esme is our little love doodle that we just can't wait to see what she does next
She is white with blue crossed eyes
it is something genetically with cats that if they are white and have blue eyes they are deaf
she is also partially blind
so her main sense is feeling
when we first got her we held her up to our necks and talked to her
so she tries to get right up next to us when we talk to her
she has a little problem with personal space :)

She has the craziest meow and doesnt realize how loud she is.
It is pretty stinking hilarious and I want to get it on video sometime

Everytime we come home from work or being out I think she has seperation anxiety
When we walk in if she is not sleeping you can hear her meowing
and you can find her doing this.....

Yes, whatever clothes we have laying around she will carry them everywhere in her mouth
so we come home to clothes all over the place
it is pretty hilarious!

Oh the live of a furbaby mother :)

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

randomosity dude!

yes, I am going to post a totally random blog of thoughts and pictures
thanks in advance for sticking with my craziness
you get brownie points for this one!

- I am currently listening to Rascal Flatts Melt CD (yes I am oldschooling it tonight!)
- Did you know I LOVE LOVE LOVE Rascal flatts???
- The windows are open and I am loving it!
- My cats are laying in the window, yes they are as awesome as their mother!
- Why yes I am watching the Disney Channel and always do, BOOM!!!
-  I have 12 different tabs opened of blogs I am stalking right now
- I wish I could be a stay at home wife and be all wifey, ya know?
- We have the cutest nephews in the world that love laying on our new carpet

- yes the pic is upside down, and yes I am too lazy to fix it :)
- I am OCD and almost everything we own is in a box, labeled and packed
- It is driving me crazy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
- I follow this awesome blog called Dear Lizzy and I soooo want a video of me and hubs like her hubby makes!!!
- Does anybody know any videographers that do that in the area?
- Our crazy cat Esme is doing this as I write this post....

- She takes after her father ;) hahahahaha
-It is taking me like an hour to write this post
- I can't wait to get in our house so I can organize and decorate.

Ok, I think my randomness is finished and I feel better :)
Thanks for listening to my crazyness.
Final Walkthrough on the house tomorrow! Boooooooooooooom!

Sunday, September 4, 2011

My brain needs a nap and you don't want to miss the ending.

So for some reason some posts are really easy for me to write then other ones I just go totally brain dead.  I go around all day doing stuff and thinking oh I want to blog about that or oh take that pic that will be cute on the blog!  Then it comes down to it and I have a brain fart.  I have about 5 different drafts in my edit posts tab.  I am pretty sure my blonde hair has finally taken over my brain.

One thing that I am finally getting a chance to write about is getting rid of all the excess "things" when we move.  I always love a clean slate.  I love giving away things that I am sure will be of good use for others.  Anyways what my blonde brain is trying to say is that I am getting ready to get rid of a ton of things!!!!  I thought about doing a yard sale (I always hate doing them after I get started on them), ebaying stuff (I am ebay illiterate and find it more of a pain than anything) or craigslisting (well I am just not into it).  So I figured I would try and help someone out or give our stuff to people that will actually benefit from it.  Off the top of my head I know that I will have a ton of mens and womens clothes and scrubs.  Kitchen items.  Scrapbooking and crafting items.  Among other things.  I am slowly starting to realize we dont need THIS MUCH STUFF!  So if you know someone that is in need of any clothes or things for their home and I will see if I got what they need,  email me at esnellrn@yahoo.com.  Here in a few weeks I will make a list and take pics for anyone that is interested.  There are some clothes that are name brand that I have never even worn but maybe once.  (you know when you think "someday" I will fit in them again).  Thanks so much :)

Oh and by the way, DOESNT IT FEEL AWESOME OUT!!! :)

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Come on Fall!!!!

i am pretty sure that every year at this time i write the same exact thing hahahaha.  but seriously, FALL IS THE MOST, BEST, GREATEST, EVERY AWESOME WORD YOU CAN THINK OF!!!!!!!! i remember when it would start getting cool mid august and it would be nice fall weather up until mid november.  HELLLLLLLLLLLLOOOOOOOOOOOOOO????????????  where did that go?  fall gets shorter and shorter every year. (insert humongous sad face here)  i havent got my fall stuff out this year 1. because we are moving and 2. it is too dang hot!  i can't wait once we get in the new house to decorate and get out all my fall clothes and get the house house smelling of pumpkin spice :)  Until then I will keep dreaming and pinning on PINTEREST .  HOLY AWESOMESAUCE BATMAN!!!  You should totally follow me there and then I can follow you :)  http://pinterest.com/mikeandericas/