Tuesday, December 30, 2008

New Year, New Me...

New Years, The time of year we ALWAYS make a list and decide this is our year to change things. A new year a new slate. This past year has proved to be a rocky and sometimes unbearable path but I know it is something God has wanted to me to go thru to learn lifes many lessons. I am so thankful for this new year and plan to make it a great year, weight loss, being happy with what I have, not always wanting more, live day to day, have no regrets, call friends and family more, live the way God would want me to and most of all be happy and thankful for each day. Wishing you all a great new year!!!!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Break Down

So I did it, the tv sucked me in. I have been watching biggest loser all season and yes I sat in front of the tv with food and pop while watching it. I have hit my all time low... our header, the picture of my little family makes me cry... I cant believe I have let myself get this way. I am the biggest ever. Well back to the tv, I did it I joined the Biggest loser online club. Its great I feel like this is it... I have met some other nurses and people with the same stories as mine and am really motivated right now. I hope to keep it up. I really need to do this for my self confidence but also for our wedding and to be healthy for children. Anyways that is a new update and work is well work... hoping it gets better and I feel better about
Hope everyone has a great week. Mom and I are going shopping tomorrow!!! I am so excited and christmas is fast approaching.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008


It's been forever since I have blogged!! Life has been busy. Work for me is going good I cant wait to get a routine and get to know people better there. I feel kind of like an outsider. I talked to my friend Renata tonight and it made me miss her and the Bloomington ED alot!! Thanksgiving came and went and we enjoyed time with family and all the yummy food. It looks like christmas around our home, we put up the tree and decorated inside and put up the lights outside a few days ago. Jinxy and Serenity are starting to stand each other and actually laying together. Pictures of all the happenings coming soon. I have been watching Christmas movies non stop it is so awesome!!! I feel like such a kid!!! Mike and I have to work alot of the christmas parties this year which makes us really sad but we plan on doing some fun things when we have Evan. I hope everyone is having a great holiday season so far and hope to see each and everyone sometime this season.