Saturday, April 30, 2011


That's right I am making up for my bloglessness (totally made that up)

I thought maybe you would want a reason to vomit

Oh Hubs this is why I love you!

Do you remember???

All the things your parents told you to do and not to do?
Yeah, aren't they geniuses??
Mom and Dad
I'm sorry that I had "to do things my own way"
You were right
I said it!
You were right!

*Hubs and I were watching College Softball the other night

I should have listened to my parents and went on to play in college

*I spent the afternoon with some kids getting ready for prom

I should have listened to my parents and went with some girlfriends
and had a blast

Other things they were right about.....

Don't have a serious boyfriend in high school
(I wasted time on some turdheads, yeah I said it!)

Spend all the time you can with your friends
(I miss them all now)

Have alot of fun and break some rules!
(no nothing illegal)

Enjoy every minute and don't hurry time
(time flies!!)

I sure hope our kids listen and learn from us!
Fat chance right?


im pretty sure my pointer finger has carpal tunnel from picture overload!
my lovely canon 5D Mark II has made quite the appearance this week
I have the itch again, but not enough to make a business
just good ol fun shooting

From precious little girl's bathtime

Fun teenagers and Prom!!!
Oh to be young again!
I seriously almost cried today because I wish I would have enjoyed my proms
oh well we live and learn!

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter!!!

Hopeing you all have had an EGGCELLENT Easter!!

We sure have :)

My aunt said at church today that the priest asked a child
What do you think Jesus said when he came out of the tomb???
The child:  TA-DAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Now that's my kinda kid!

SOOOO SOOO Thankful for what Jesus did for us!

My grandmother as usual made a scrumptious and amazing meal
and we enjoyed time with family and of course an Easter Egg Hunt!!!

Caught me :)  Oh hubs your so cute!

Let's see how many times we can poke him before he pays attention!!!
Raaawwwrrrr!!!! Ahhhhhhhh!!!
I have an amazing family :)

Friday, April 22, 2011

So Much to Say....

So little time
I have about a million blog post stashed in this little brain of mine
but my schedule just won't co-operate with it!

I was in Btown for a few days working and hanging with my bestie
everybody needs some time with their bestie!
It's therapeutic :)

wine, olive garden, oliver winery, girl talk, jewelry party
pretty much rocked!
Thanks for a great time LO, Love you!

Oh and PS.....
Don't color your own hair unless you are a hairdresser
I have turned into a cross
stripper-playboy blonde-big bird
uggghhhh please fade fast

Thursday, April 14, 2011


How are all my little blog followers doing???
Enjoying the weather?
Yeah me too :)
Especially since I'm over that cold crap that was going around

A little while back I decided to start a running blog
I have found a new love of running and thought it deserved its own little journal
Wanna see the progess??? Of course you do :)
(Im totally being sarcastic:)

oh yeah and like I feel totally cool because I emailed Skinny Runner and she replied!!
that's right BombDiggity
and I am on the list for the new shirts
can I get a Boo- Yah!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

organization continues....

well my spring cleaning is in full effect
i am trying to be more frugal, plan, and make better meals
How do you do it for your household?
Shop once a week?
Shop for a whole month?
Cook healthy or easy?
I would love to hear from everyone?????

this is my new thing- set out meals and label them with the day
and exactly what we are having.
I went to WalMart today and got dinner for 3 weeks
and household goods for- $139.00
Not bad but we have a cow and pig in our freezer so I didn't have to buy meat
I just know what I have layed out for Wednesday I won't want it by that day
I know I'm finicky!

Monday, April 11, 2011

Have I ever told you??

that I am the most organized procrastinator you will ever meet?
i love cleaning and organization
but I am always late to things
im a walking talking contradiction

i love spring cleaning
well i do a fall/winter/spring/summer cleaning

so with being under the weather and stuck at home
i was feeling a little better
and decided to wash our spring/summer clothes
and pack away the winter

speaking of packing
yes we don't move till our house is built in October
but I have been slowly packing and organizing things we don't use
(trying not to be an organized procrastinator)

i feel so clean and organized :)

Guest Post

Recently Emily Patterson from Primrose Schools asked if I would post about an article for my blog followers.  I was flattered that she wanted to guest post on my blog!  You can check out the school website here:

I don't have children yet but I love ideas to put in the back of my little noggin for later.  As a nurse I thought this article was great!

Cooking with Children: A Recipe for Kitchen Safety & Fun

Bubbling pots, sizzling skillets and delicious smells can make the kitchen a fascinating – yet dangerous – place for young children. However, the potential hazards don’t have to keep children out of the kitchen. Dr. Mary Zurn, vice president of education for Primrose Child Care Facilities, says kitchen time can be a great way for families to regain some lost, but valuable, family time.

“The kitchen is often the most popular place in the house for families to gather. It’s a place for learning and sharing, where the family can enjoy quality time. Children can also develop a sense of responsibility by participating in daily tasks,” said Dr. Zurn.

Parents can keep the kitchen safe and fun for children by following this simple recipe:

1. Engage your child meaningfully. Think about what tasks your child can do independently. Completing simple jobs like mixing batter, rolling dough and measuring water can boost a child’s sense of pride and accomplishment. Tearing lettuce, adding sprinkles to sweets and shaking parmesan onto pasta are other safe, satisfying tasks children can easily accomplish. Even very young children can get involved – give them some pots, pans and wooden spoons so they can pretend to cook with you or use them for music-making. The tuneful accompaniment will let you know they’re safely engaged and give them a way to feel like they’re helping too.

2. Set some ground rules. Children need supervision when they’re in the kitchen, so establish a list of basic safety rules and make sure children are always within sight. Teach children to wash their hands before and after handling food to avoid spreading germs. Discuss on a regular basis what’s safe to touch and what’s not. Make sure the handles of pots and pans are turned inward on the stovetop so you and older children don’t accidentally bump them and spill hot liquids or food.

3. Build up skills step-by-step. Children can develop many essential skills in the kitchen, such as following recipes or counting slices of bread. For more advanced skills, start slowly and have your child master easy tasks before attempting harder ones. Teach older children to use a knife by starting them off with cutting soft items like cheese and cooked noodles with a dull spreader. As your child’s coordination develops, they can move on to slicing or sawing vegetables and fruit with a plastic knife.

4. Keep it fun. Cooking can be messy even without children, so don’t stress over the “oops” moments. If the cookie batter ends up on the floor instead of the baking sheet, offer some guidance and let your child try again. You can make cleaning it up fun too!

When your meal is complete, be sure to compliment your sous chef on a job well done. Offer them the first taste of whatever you cooked together and ask them what you should make next time. Bon app├ętit!

Friday, April 8, 2011

Ice Cream Dates are the funnest thing ever!

and then of course it gives you the toots
and you smile

and grandma and aunt EE laugh their butts off!

(sidenote: isn't my mom gorgeous!!)

we get all sticky and have to take a bath

and make bubble ice cream

and lounge in the tub

all in a days work :)

are you ready to smile????

I got a little something to make you smile
and brighten your day

This cutiepatootie let me take some pics last night

and so did his handsome big brother

Hudson was a little camerashy after we dressed him up

but big brother gave him some lovins

all is good :)

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

a bet and a run and a cold......

remember the bet that my big bro, mom, and I had?
you can check it at


you get to see pics of me
you know you want to!!

my allegra/tylenol/melatonin/vitamin c/ibuprofen butt is going to bed
I HATE colds!

Happy Hump Day!

Attention Please: I have a question?????

Actually a few questions....
What makes a good blog?
What entices you to check a blog?
Do you read them everyday?
Do you like pictures with each post?
What do your favorite blogs write about?

I know it sounds really silly but I would like to have a blog that people really enjoy to read and look forward to.

Please please please don't be shy :)

Sunday, April 3, 2011


There is just something about spring
the cool breeze, sunshine
having the windows open
smelling the fresh cut grass and people grilling out
all the flowers and plants coming back to life
its just awesome!

Hubs took me on a little date day
other than my face feeling like I got botox
(wind+motorcycle= free botox)
we've had a totally rad day
we slept in
then jumped on the bike for a ride

and had lunch at the French Lick Winery
we shared some bread and herb and oil dipping sauce
Spinach Ravioli
it was the bomb
we are going to see HOP later
which I have heard is really good
I have been itching to get oustide with my camera and today was

The cats were dying to get outside too

Gotta love Spring Decor

I welcome you Spring with open arms!!!

Friday, April 1, 2011

April Fools Yo!

I was trying to think of a uber cool/funny
April Fools Joke to play
I got nothin
I am getting more and more boring in my ripe old age of 26
actually I am on my last day of a 14 out 17 day stretch
so I am Tired with a big T
our life is also pretty boring right now
so I will apologize now for the blog hiatus
plus I think only like 5 people read this
Happy April Fools Day do something fun and have a great weekend!