Sunday, October 30, 2011

It's finally here.....

Flu Season


We usually can steer clear of it since we have become pretty immune
working in an ER.
It's found me.  And pretty much punched me in the face.

So today my runny nose, cough, no voice, fever self will be snuggled on the couch.
Doped up with medicine.
Happy Sunday!

If I don't get back on here beforehand.
Happy Halloween!!!!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011


Sometimes you just need a rainy day.

Grow little grass grow!!

I have been having some ups and downs lately.
Nothing too detrimental, just life's curveballs.
Today while I sat in my office I realized.
Downs (rainy days) are needed so we can grow and be better people.
It's amazing what we can learn from the littlest of things.

Sunday, October 23, 2011


Wow, 27.  It feels like yesterday I was celebrating my 21st birthday.  I feel old!  Like I should be doing something way more with my life by now.  There are so many things I wish I would have done (or didn't do) by this time in my life.  I was always told that time goes so much faster the older you get.  ummm yes, like super ninja fast!  I am almost having a quarter life crisis.  I feel like time is slipping by and I am not taking advantage of it.  So today I decided life isn't going to slow down I just need to speed up with it! 

I had to work today ( who seriously works on their bday?, it should be a law you don't have to) but got out a little early and was able to go to see the new Footloose and get myself some ice cream.  Dude!  The new footloose, AMAZING!! Happy Birthday to me right there!  I sang and danced in my car like I was 17 not 27!  It was AWESOME!

We celebrated yesterday by going to Huber Winery and Orchard.  It was pretty FANTASTIC! 

I love Conner's Face!

This bunny totally lays like our ESME!! too funny

Dang look at that boy!  I am so lucky :)
Thanks to everyone for making my birthday wonderful!!!

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Pinterest Crafttime {Initial fabric flower wreath}

I have decided that since I'm so addicted to Pinterest
I am going to start doing Pinterest Crafttime Posts :)

I have been seeing alot of wreaths, initial crafts, and  fabric flowers.

I have been trying to figure out what to do for our front door.

I found a really cute pin but couldnt find where it was pinned from. :(
I wanted to give them credit for the idea!

So I just took the idea and turned it into my new creation :)

Whipped this up last night and hung it this am.  Hubs even likes it!!

Have a great week everyone!!!

Life and living it....

WARNING:  Long post and sappy so if you don't like long posts I have a shorter one coming up :)

There are 2 things that I think about all the time while going thru life.
Yes they are silly things but I am sure (hoping)  lots of people think it.

I wish we could walk around life with music playing.
Like you see in movies.
The music that makes you even more emotional.
Be it happy, sad, or mad.

My other wish is to have pictures of everything.
Like the ones you see in your head and heart.
The ones you wish you could tuck away and bring out and show people.
Just as you see and feel them

There are moments in life that you think are minimal but make your heart so happy.

I wish yesterday there was a soundtrack.
And pictures taken like the ones I felt in my heart.

Mike and I are getting ready to go to a hospital gala, That is a whole post in itself :) But I was needing a dress, shoes, and purse of course.  My mom needed to go to Bloomington for something so it seemed perfect to set up a date with my bff Lo.  I overselpt and was a little late to get my mom, we were rerouted due to a bike race in btown, got lost about 4 times, stopped at 4 different places for my mom to use the restroom and each time they either didnt have one or said employee only.  The place my mom needed to go to wasnt open and we had a little argument talk with the people at David's Bridal about just wanting to buy a dress and not wanting to make an appt.  We even stood in line at Big Lots for 20 mins before just walking out.  Yes, lots of bumps in the road but we just laughed it off and had a good time.  I am pretty highstrung so normally I would have been ticked off all day from these things and just went home.  But for some reason I was just at peace and enjoyed the day.  Mom, Lo, and I went to lunch, did lots of shopping, and had some good girl talk.  It was so fun!  I can't explain to you how much my heart wanted to bust all day.  It was just a good good day.  On the way home mom and I had great talks and even teared up some.  I love talks with my mom.  After dropping her off I turned on the radio and rolled down the windows and breathed in the fresh crisp fall air.  The scenery was beautiful and it just seemed like the radio was playing all my favorite songs.  I sat back and just drove, thinking of all the curve balls we get thrown in life and all the blessings that are also thrown our way.  Times like these I wish I had a picture of the day and could tuck it away and show to my children.  I am truly blessed and I don't thank God enough.  Days like those make life worth living.

Love you so much Mommy and Lo!

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Happy Sunday

It's the end of our staycation :(
Back to the real world.

Gotta rest up!

Have a great week!

Home Tour: Master Bedroom...

Welcome back to the tour!

The Master Bedroom

It's good to remind yourself this everyday!

I am waiting for the perfect idea to go over the head of our bed.
Pinterest has some awesome ideas!
I just can't decide which one!

Saturday, October 8, 2011

It's the Little Things: Around the house

Aisle to Aloha

I love love love the blog by the cutie patootie and fun Miss Lindsay, From the Aisle to Aloha
See isnt her blog name even cute!!

She hosts the little things link up on fridays.
I have been wanting to do it so finally got my hiney in gear!

It's all about the little things that make you smile and brighten your week.

Over my vacation week I got the good old Canon out and took pics of the things that make me smile and feel blessed :)

Invitations I made for our Fall Party at the end of the month.  Anything fall makes me smile!

Little Bears that I still have from my childhood.  Makes me remember putting out Halloween Decorations with my momma.
Amazing housewarming gifts from our lovely friends The Dooley's!  You guys always make us smile.

This amazing smelling candle makes me smile as soon as I walk in the house.  I seriously do the stop and sniff everytime I walk in the house!
A clean and organized Craft room.  Pics of my little nephews.  and the realization of endless possibilities with craft stuff and pinterest!

Never thought a microwave would make me smile so much!  So many cool gadgets!

We are seriously blessed with this little sweet deaf cat.  We actually layed in bed the other night having a conversation of how terrible it must be not being able to hear, then she sleeps so peacefully with all the commotion in our house and reminds us that silence is sometimes the most calming of senses.

My new Vera makes me smile really big!  It holds everything, the straps are the perfect length and do you see it????????
 See it yet??????????  That's right little Snells Snails!!!

Seriously if you don't have one of these, get one!  Absolute blessing with Tile floors!!
Seriously a vacuum cleaner makes me smile!  Its the little things!
Something to spruce up the Garage door entry to the house.

The blessings of fall mums and lots of friends and family to welcome over!
Sunsets ALWAYS make me smile.

It's the little things in life that make life perfect.  The fact that I see an S and realize I am blessed to keep the initial of my maiden name and have hubs last name!!

Thanks for stopping by my little things post!  Hope you all have a fantastic Weekend!!