Sunday, April 19, 2009

Rainy Day Blog

So, it's raining out today but the sun is shining on the inside!!! We are getting married in 27 days!!! Work at Bloomington is going amazingly! As per usual. I loved seeing everyone again and getting like 500 hugs!!! Being away from home for the days of work make me appreciate home even more! I got home yesterday and on the table waiting for me was a brand new stethescope that I wanted and Mike didnt even know I wanted!!! The cutest part was that he wrote E. Snell RN on the label and sent in for a metal tag on it that says Erica Snell. He even went thru our depost slips and wrote Mike and Erica Snell. It is so cute how he is just as excited as me about getting married.

It was so nice to have such a nice day yesterday. As soon as I got home from work we started to work on the yard then went riding on the Harley. We went to Washington to meet up with Dad (he got a new harley) and had lunch in Loogootee. mmmm I love tenderloins!!! Stopped by to see Mom and then took a nap when we got home!! 27 hours with no sleep I was ready to crash!!!

Today I am going to clean and take a good sunday nap! Sorry nothing to exciting to blog about. Maybe soon after the wedding there will be a little blessing!!! Have a great sunday!

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Jessie, Dusty, and Koen said...

Yay! Baby talk already!:) I love it! Can't wait for the big'll be stunning, I'm sure!