Tuesday, October 20, 2009


So, I havent posted for 19 days!!! That is crazy, I really need to update more. Everything is about the same in the Snell household. Evan is doing fairly well in school, band has made it to semi-state, and he turned 16 (with an attitude to prove it hahaha)!!!!!! Mike is still working weekend option and picking up extra shifts, he is such a great provider. I work mostly sun, mon, tues and am almost done with my SANE classes but have tons of clinical hours that I have to complete. After lots and lots of trying still no baby, sorry TMI :) . God has a plan I just need to chill out and let him lead the way. When it is our time he will let us know. We are enjoying this wonderful cool fall weather and trying to do as much as we can but when Mike and I are off only one day a week together it makes it hard to get alot of things in. I have been praying and working on a new chapter in my career and am hoping it will work out and it will be soooo much better for my family. I am trying not to talk about it till I find out about it, wow that was an awful sentence. haha I really need to brush up on my english. We are carving pumpkins this friday and watching halloween movies! My DVR is full of them and will be full of holiday shows all the way till new years!!! I am kind of- well no I am a holiday freak!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh yeah and I also realized I use alot of !!!!!!!!. Sorry I just get so excited about things. Hope everyone is having a great fall season and are enjoying the weather. I promise I will update some fall pictures when I get the chance. :)

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