Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Happy birthday Hubs!!!

Today is Hubs birthday. He is celebrating his 38 I mean 21st birthday ;)

I am so thankful for the old guy it's not even funny!

He is funny, comical actually.

He works hard, I mean 5-6 12 hr shifts a week sometimes more.

He makes sure I have everything I want and need.

He has this awesome power to find the funniest and radist You Tube videos evaaaaaaaaa! Guy on a u buffaloooooo.

He is so understanding when I am up, down, and all around about infertility.

He is a better dresser than me and always smells good I mean gooood. ok maybe not alll the time.

He is a great friend.

He is extremely smart and a great nurse.

He has excellent taste in women, well he didn't until me. Kidding! ok maybe not.

He is a great furdaddy.

He is a master carpenter and now Im convinced he is even an electrician

He is everything I want and more!! And he is mine forever!!!!!

Love you so much!!!!

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