Saturday, June 23, 2012

Baby Update!!!

Time seriously flies!!! They say with kids it goes even faster! Baby Snell isn't even here yet but dang 17 weeks have flew.

We have waited so long for this and I never knew what pregnancy entailed! Well I thought I did! Seriously major props to all the mommas out there! After 16 weeks of sickness and a recent trip to the hospital I am finally feeling great!!!

And boy is baby growing!!! We saw baby the other day! Gonna be like momma and daddy, dance parties all the time!! waving his/her arms, sucking its thumb, moving all over the place. I don't think I have really felt baby move yet but sometimes I "think" I do.

Not alot of cravings but finally can keep all my meals down.

I am in mostly all maternity clothes now for comfort. My new best friend is my maternity body pillow!

Next appt will be the big one to find out the sex of baby!!


Rebecca Jaffe said...

Yes, the pregnancy part will go by until the last few weeks, then it will draaaaaaaaaaag until he/she gets here! Then it certainly flies! Sorry you were so sick! I was like how in God's name did Michelle Duggar do this 20 freaking times?!?! Mad props. You just wait til they start doing Zumba in your belly, the reality sets in that there's a life in there.

Mandi Knepp said...

love seeing that belly bump grow... so excited for you two!

Brandy Sweet said...

Yay, you look adorable!! Glad to hear you are feeling better {I was sick the WHOLE time with my last baby} Can't wait to find out the sex of lil baby Snell :)

Sandy said...

YOU LOOK GLOWING!!! When is your next appointment???? Guh....I CAN'T WAIT!