Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Day in the life

UPDATE: not sure why this is publishing now, it was written on 12/15. oh well better late than never :)

I get alot of people asking if Cadence really is "that happy all the time?"  I am not going to lie it is not always sunshine and rainbows but for the most part she is pretty happy!  We are super lucky and  I am thankful every day for it.  I know that over time it will probably change but I am loving it for now!!  She just likes to walk around, dancing, being silly and making messes!

Loves her monster with snacks!

She likes trying to stand on her head.

Spinning around and dancing.

And running away from Momma!

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Ashley said...

Cadence's little smile is so cute! And I don't know any kids that are happy 24/7....they always have to have those little break downs. Just part of life.