Wednesday, August 7, 2013

9 Months Old

I am pretty sure I just said Cadence is 8 months old.  Time s such a thief!  We are mobile!  Crawling, pulling up on things!  Still no teeth but a drool monster.   

You are 20.8 lbs.

You are 27 3/4 in.

You are wearing mostly 12-18 mos clothes.

You love Oatmeal in the mornings and love snacking on puffs and yogurt melts.

You sleep really well and momma is so thankful for that!

You say dada, baba, and giggle and ramble alot.

You love playng peek-a-boo.

We have had a great summer now Mommy is looking forward to an awesome Fall.  Someone already has Halloween outfits and a costume! ;) You make the world sweeter and I love everything about you!


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