Thursday, September 12, 2013

10 Months Old

I feel like each month there are a ton of milestones but I think the 9-10 month  has proved to be anlot of leaps and bounds.  By far one of my favorite times because lots of interaction and her personality is starting to shine with lots lf spunk and drama all rolled into one!  Drama from a girl... say it isn't so!!

Sweet Girl,

You are still in size 3 diapers.

You are starting to slim down!  (Momma is gonna miss the rolls!)  Fitting back into some of your 9 month clothes.

You  weigh 21.10 Lbs.  Haven't checked your length since last dr appt but you are getting longer!

You crawl all over the place, pull up on everything, and walk along things.

You have 2 teeth!  Finally!!  

You are now holding your own bottle and feeding yourself.  (This started today and Mommy cried a bit knowing you don't need me anymore!)  (now you know she get's the drama honestly)

You Babble a lot but no new words.

You just got over Sinusitis and Croup.

You love evening walks when it is cool out.

You love people watching at Walmart.

You are eating us out of house and home!  Kidding, but you eat 2 thing s of baby food at each meal and 6oz bottles when you have a bottle.

Most of all you make me so happy!!  Daddy and I love watching you grow and have loved every minute of the past 10 months.  


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Ashley said...

Your happy girl is growing too fast:( She will be able to use that owl bogan for these cooler evening walks.