Wednesday, October 30, 2013

As we are getting closer and closer to Cadence's first birthday I am getting more and more emotional. I knew I always wanted to be a Mom but never understood how much it would change me!  I never knew something could mean so much.  I have realized that no matter how much I deny the fact she is almost 1, it is going to happen!  So I have been preparing and squeezing the hours, minutes, and seconds out of every day!!

We recently celebrated my birthday, a roadtrip, a family wedding, party planning and trick or treating!


Ashley said...

It shows in the pictures just how much you love your little girl! Have fun still planning!

Kristie B said...

Isn't being a Mom wonderful?!?! And good Lord, my child must be weird, he has 8 teeth already!

Erica said...

@ashley thanks so much!!! @kristie yes it! and E is not weird! I so wish Cady had more teeth!