Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Break Down

So I did it, the tv sucked me in. I have been watching biggest loser all season and yes I sat in front of the tv with food and pop while watching it. I have hit my all time low... our header, the picture of my little family makes me cry... I cant believe I have let myself get this way. I am the biggest ever. Well back to the tv, I did it I joined the Biggest loser online club. Its great I feel like this is it... I have met some other nurses and people with the same stories as mine and am really motivated right now. I hope to keep it up. I really need to do this for my self confidence but also for our wedding and to be healthy for children. Anyways that is a new update and work is well work... hoping it gets better and I feel better about
Hope everyone has a great week. Mom and I are going shopping tomorrow!!! I am so excited and christmas is fast approaching.

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