Friday, February 6, 2009

My My how things change...

Lots of changes within the last month. It's amazing, guess what, I like my job. I know I know it's hard to start somewhere new and feel like where you were before. I am getting to know all the people and their personalities and getting a routine down with the chaos. So all that whining I did for months, yeah, it was unnecesary.

Jinxy and Serenity both had surgery, now they have bonded. Its cute.

Last thursday coming home from work I had a wreck and totalled my trailblazer. :( RIP Trailblazer. Man I loved that thing. Anyways Mike calls me crash now and we are vehicle shopping again. Looking at Nissan Altimas which rock! I am so blessed that I didnt get a scratch on me. Sore shoulder is about it. I believe I had someone by my side.

We have set a wedding date!! woohoo finally! May 16th in Gatlinburg then a big party sometime this summer!! Mark you calendars. haha.

Heather and Brooke are coming over tonight for pizza and movies!! Pictures for sure!
Have a great weekend!

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