Friday, March 12, 2010

Cooper's 2 yr pics

As I always say DrewB is the bomb!  I wanted to get some cute pics of Cooper for his 2 yr pics and thought she had the cutest idea with her little one Brayden.  I told my SIL about Brayden's Outfit, she got online ordered an outfit, and...... It was the same one!  She didn't even see what DrewB's pics looked like.  Anyways, Cooper wasn't too happy to get his pics taken but we got a few and are gonna shoot more on another day.

The little cutie trying to get away.
His little tie :)

In a photographers perspective this photo is all WRONG but I love it!!  Kari is the best mommy, I only hope to be half as good as her one day.
Head and Shoulders Knees and TOES!!

Little StinkerTrying to get Aunt EE

Happy 2nd Birthday Coop!! Aunt EE loves you so much and can't believe how much joy you have brought to my life!  I hope your little cousins are as good as you.  Thanks for always being my model for photography and forever making me smile.


Aunt EE


Sandy said...

What a cutie pie! I agree, great model!!! Could he get any cuter? And that outfit!!!! haha I love it!

Erica said...

Thanks, he is the best little guy ever!!

Lindsay Lynch said...

Awesome pics. He is like a mini Loren. Hopefully he just doesn't act like him. Lol. Good seeing you the other day. Take care.

Erica said...

Thanks Lindsay, good seeing you too! Cooper acts just like Kari, so it is all good :) haha

Lindsay Lynch said...

Where did you get the outfit? I am thinking that would be pretty stinkin cute on my boys. Lol.

Carri said...

The pics look great! I have gotten all of our outfits. Well, Laney's and mine should be here this week. So just let me know prices girl! You can email me

Candice said...

What a cutie! :) Pretty light in these too!

Candice said...

p.s. It's Candice {The Beautiful Mess} laptop got jumpy ;)

Erica said...

Lindsay he got his outfit from childrens place online, Carri I will shoot you and email :), YAY Candice!! I absolutely love your photography and feel so honored for you to comment on my photos :)