Monday, July 11, 2011

Aha! Moments

So I was watching a Criminal Minds last night.
It was about social networking and the scary stuff and people we open ourselves up to
I like blogging and reading blogs so I dont want to stop
but I am really thinking more about things that I post.

I also watched a couple documentaries on Netflix
Yes I am a dork and like to watch documentaries.
I watched Food Inc.

Holy cow! (no pun intended)
Its amazing what we don't know!
Now I understand why people go green and Organic.
You should really watch the documentary. 
So now I am trying to slowly go greener and make organic choices
Anyone know any good websites or recipes???
Id love to hear it.  If you can't or dont want to leave a comment,
You can email me using the sidebar email button or send me an email at



Caroline and Kyle said...

I completely agree with organic/all natural food! I try to do it as much as possible!

hannah singer said...

ooooh, i have been wanting to see that documentary!

Jen said...

Erica, I love watching documentaries, too! But, Food, Inc. is not one I will watch...I like McDonald's cheeseburgers too much to know how they are made!