Thursday, October 11, 2012

Day 1 of Bedrest

I kind of knew this was coming but was hoping to make it just a little bit longer. But when it comes to Cadence's health I will do anything!!

My BP has been in the 160's/90's and 100's in the afternoon evenings, especially after work. This is NOT good for me or baby. During the days it goes back to 140's sometimes I am lucky to get into 130's. A non pregnant person I wouldn't worry too much about some of these numbers but what i have learned that in pregnancy it is all about blood flow to the baby and hypertension hinders that.

After a little scare with Cadence's Heartrate and movement yesterday I am now on bedrest and will be going to the Dr twice a week to check on her.

So I have decided to embrace this time to bond more with her and relax because when she finally gets here I will wish i was on bedrest LOL :)

Oh and my amazing co-workers threw me a baby shower! One day before my bedrest. Dang they are good! Cady is so spoiled already!

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