Saturday, October 6, 2012

Happy Saturday!

Not alot going on around here other than resting. My BP is still up, but trying to continue to work so all my time at home is spent with my feet up (my massive marshmallow feet!).

Cadence has been passing all her tests each week with flying colors, wednesday was a non stress test, it was so nice to lay back in a recliner and just listen to her heartbeat and her move all around.

I am definitely feeling as if she is running outta room in there!! Sleeping and breathing are quit tricky right now! Even though she has dropped I am outta breath in no time.

It's getting closer!! #32weeks

My best friend Sandy just took our maternity pictures and I love them so much. You should totally check them out and LIKE her on facebook if you haven't already. under proofing our password is cadence .

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