Monday, November 25, 2013

Banana Bread and Bonding

I like to do things with Cadence although she doesn't really know what it is going on.  She just smiles and babbles to me while I bake, clean, and make crafts.  I look forward to when she can do all these things with me but don't want to wish away this time so I am thankful for what we can do together!  Today we made banana bread muffins and she loved the end result!  Totally forgot to get a picture of that!
***this was last week, blogger is crazy anymore!

My cute sidekick
Gotta have good tunes playing.

My favorite item in the kitchen ol' green machine.

Milk Face!



Rebecca Jaffe said...

Those look yummy! Cadence is getting so big, can't believe it...

Ashley said...

My Kitchenaid is my favorite item too!! Just think in a year or two Cadence will be helping:)