Tuesday, July 15, 2014

County Fair

When I woke up today I kind of felt like a kid on Christmas morning.  The weather was so amazing I thought it was fall already!  Open windows, pumpkin spice candle burning.  Then I snapped out of it when I read it will be back into the 90's next week.  So we took full advantage of today and went to the County Fair.  Check Mark that off the Summer bucket list.  We ate till we were sick and Cadence loved the animals!  She is now saying "Buh-Bye" as loud as she can so she said it to all the animals.  She also pointed at every animal and barked.  Because everything barks momma!  That's my girl!  It was a sight.  Coop, Griff, and Aunt Kari joined so that made her day even more!