Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Peaches and Jammies

Summer has been so fun this year!!  Cadence is old enough to understand alot of what we are doing and it makes it even more fun for us.  Checking things off our summer bucket list like crazy!  Next week is the county fair.  You bet your hiney we will be there stuffing our faces with pronto pups, every fried dessert known to man and lemon shake-ups.  Oh those shake ups!  Cadence doesn't even know what she is in for!  One of our favorite things this summer has been going to the produce patch and getting all kinds of fruits and veggies.  New favorite is fresh peaches!   Especially after a nice bath.  I love when she goes to bed sticky. 😜.  We also love lounging around in our jammies in the nice a/c after a long day out in the heat.  Hope your summer is going great too!  


Ashley said...

I ate one of those peaches today:) Yum! Keep enjoying the summertime!

Kristie B said...

Her little teeth kill me!! You guys are having a wonderful summer!