Sunday, August 16, 2009

First Day of School and Burger Bash

Evan started school last week and really enjoyed it. He is taking all honor classes and is taking german 1 which i think will be neat for him to learn. He is such a smart kid. Tonight he had the band's burger bash, which is where families go and meet with other parents and have a big meeting and cookout then watch the kids perform some of their show. Evan did a great job and was pretty much in the front the whole time. I know I have said this before but I love band and never ever thought I would. I am excited to start helping with the band and their first football game performance is this friday and I am taking mom and Cooper, Evan is so excited for us to be there. I will be working the concessions at the next home game. It is so funny how fast I have went to the other side of things, not to long ago I was the one playing sports and mom being the one in the concession stand. We have all kinds of events coming up for band. Magazine sales, fruit sales, band cards, auctions, all kinds of things!!! I can't wait to start baking and doing crafty stuff. Well it is definately time for bed I am so wore out from a fun weekend. Hope everyone's was as enjoyable as mine, now its back to the work week.

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