Friday, August 7, 2009

A little about Evan

So Evan starts school next friday!! He is really excited and I am excited for him too. We have been letting him have friends over and it is soooo fun. I like knowing where he is and know who his friends are. He has the CUTEST girlfriend and she is so sweet so it is nice that he has someone when he starts school. He loved band camp and had a great time and went on and on about it. We have alot of fun when Mike is at work, we are always doing something. Don't get me wrong we love when Mike is home. Mike is still weekend option and I work during the week so almost all times someone is with Evan. He loves staying with Uncle Loren though.(They are two peas in a pod). I just love having Evan around, I was really nervous about becoming a step mom but he has made it easy for me. I can't wait to start going to band competitions again. He was in the parade last sunday for Strassenfest. I have tons of pictures I need to upload of the parade and all the fun times at our house with his friends.

Beth and Eric our friends from Colorado came for a visit on Monday. They brought their daughters Erica and Jessie. We had such a great time!! As we always do with them. We can't wait till winter break to go out and visit them and have a winter vacation!! I have never been on one and have always dreamed about snowboarding, sleigh rides, sweaters, hot chocolate, and sitting around the fireplace. We took them to Schnitzlebach Restaurant and then hung out playing rockband and other games. I have pictures of that too that I need to get uploaded.

Well I am at work and in 20 minutes I will get to go home wooohooo!! Today I am going to pick up Evan, get a little sleep, clean, bake potatoes, then load up the car and Evan and I are headed to Dad's for a family cookout. Hope you all have a great weekend!!

I almost forgot, could you all please say a prayer for Loren, Kari, and Cooper, their beloved dog Lola just passed away. Coopers word for everything is Lola. Also, my Aunt Tammy's grandmother in law just passed away so please say a prayer for Jason Tammy Abbie and Jasons family.

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