Thursday, November 25, 2010

I Gobbled till I Wobbled!!!

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!!!
I certainly hope I am not the only one who Gobbled till I wobbled.
I am still in a FOOD COMA!
EVERY year since I can remember we go to Odon.
To my Great Aunt and Uncle Ruth and Warrens.
I truly look forward to it every year and it is probably my most favorite time of the year.
We eat, laugh, play games, watch the parade and football.
This year was great!
I took a new approach.
No pictures by me, but my little cousin Abbie took them :)
I turned on my AWESOME Hipstamatic app and let her run around with my phone.
I am actually super excited about the pictures.
Reminds me that some of the best things in life don't have to be perfect.
Thanks Abbs my little camera girl, I love them.

Yup, like 25-30 people sit around watching this little tv.

Can't forget the game Duck Hunt!

Me (well half of me)

Coop being silly

Beautiful Brea

Playing Bananagrams

Abbie the camera girl herself.

Aunt Tammy

The wondeful Ruth

My beautiful Momma

I am thankful for so many things...
My family
My friends
My home
My Job
My photography business

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

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Andrea said...

You gotta love Miss Abbie! :)