Monday, May 16, 2011

Happy Anniversary Old Man!

2 years ago I made the smartest decision of my life.I married my best friend.
We had the funnest little wedding weekend in Pigeon Forge with our close family and friends.
I remember everything to a T of that day!
I cant wait to someday tell our children all about it!

I am so lucky to have a husband that is my best friend and has been through so many milestones with me.
I remember the first day I saw him walk into my nursing intro class.
I was so nervous and dumb about medicine and he was so stinkin smart and calm.
I even remember what he was wearing!

We have laughed and cried into what we call our life.
Up or down I love this man!
He works so hard and makes sure we have everything we need.

Some of the greatest advice I have ever recieved...
That nothing is too critical and to work things out you must do it together.
If marriage was easy everyone would do it.

I am excited for all the things that are to come and thankful for what we have done
I love you my dear sweet sweet husband!

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Lesley said...

Happy anniversary guys! Love you!