Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Rain Rain Go Away

Anyone build an Ark yet?

I just finished ours.

Maybe in the hot dry summer I will want rain

but right now I'm good

Hear that mother nature????

Yeah I'm gonna punch you in the mouth if you don't stop! :) Thanks :)

Lots of Awesomeness lately
you know the sarcastic kind

I got lost 3 times going to work today because of the flood


My mouth got me in trouble at work again (shocking I know)


Had to go another way home to avoid the flood, 1 hr 40 mins later


Yeah, but for real Awesomeness, not the sarcastic kind

1 comment:

Carri said...

Who isn't over the rain at this point?!?! So what kind of problems are you causing at work now??? lol