Monday, December 5, 2011

Thank You!

First of all I want to say Thank you
for the sweet comments and words of wisdom
from everyone!!
I am so thankful for wonderful friends and family
when I need a pick me up :)

Onto happier times.
You may remember from last year that
Hubs can't keep a gift secret
I mean most time it doesn't even get wrapped!
I love it
it is so cute!
He gets all smiley and is like here
go ahead and open it.
This year he did not disappoint!

IPAD 2 baby!!!!!
Thanks Honey, you rock!


While I was cleaning and reorganizing the office today
I noticed out the window how much progress our little neigborhood has made
I really hope some younger couples move in and we can have block parties!
I know I am living in the Wonder Years
But a girl can dream right!

2 more houses going up

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