Sunday, September 23, 2012


Since going to the Dr the other day my blood pressure stayed elevated most of the day.  Not sure if it was because I was worried or just the fact that I have been wearing myself out lately.  I took off work this weekend and rested.  I felt so much better about it but around 10 last night I was feeling pretty yucky so Mike took my BP.  160/96.  My instructions were to go to the hospital if BP went above 160/110.  As ER nurses Mike and I see these numbers alot in patients and most of the time we shrug them off.  But when I hadn't felt Cadence move much I was getting worried.  So instead of waiting till we got to that high number we went to the hospital.  I cried and shook the whole way there.  Mike was so good and comforting, I know he will be awesome when I actually go in labor.  We got there and I had the most awesome nurse ever!!  She hooked me up and right away tried to comfort me saying Cadence was doing just fine, just running out of room and her movements are different now.  I was getting so used the her kicks.  After talking to Mike and I and reassuring me, she finally took my BP.  130's/70's the entire visit!! PTL!!  But I felt like such a loser.  I was like I am wasting everyone's time but she reassured me better safe than sorry.  We were joking that we have to have Cadence on a weekend night now so she can be our nurse :)  So it is taking it easy for me this week and we go back for a non-stress test and Growth US Wednesday to see where we are with everything and to see if I need to start going every week for visits.  I know eventually I will probably have to take off work but I don't want to spend all my leave before she even gets here.  But I want her healthy so I will do what I need to.  I am already starting to pack Mike and I's bag for the hospital because you never know what is going to happen!  What are some of the essentials that I should make sure I take for when I go into Labor????  I looked up different things online but I would love to hear what I DEFINATELY need.
Hubs spoiling me with veggies and waiting on me hand and foot :)
Esme and Daddy being silly
30 weeks!!!
Getting the bottles and the pump ready!


Terra said...

Thinking of you! I had high blood pressure issues during the end of my pregnancy as well as placenta previa around the end of the 1st trimester with Livi. I was on bedrest for several weeks. The doctor told me to prepare myself that I might lose her & there wouldn't be anything they could do to stop it. He told Toby to prepare that if something went wrong it could mean my life &/or the baby's. It was a scary time. I spent a lot of time praying. I know I probably drove my doctor & his nurse crazy with after hours call & questions. So don't worry, they're use to us new moms being scared, worried & full of anxiety & questions :) Praying for you, Cadence & Michael. *hugs* Can't wait to meet her!

Jessica said...

So glad you got good news! Some things I brought to the hospital that helped out:
-camera (obviously!)
-change for the vending machine for Bryan
-ipod WITH HEADPHONES to drown out whatever you need/don't want to hear
-eye mask (I wished I had taken one, kind of the same reason as above & you need to rest as much as possible when you can)
-chapstick because it's so dry & you may only get ice chips (if you get that)
-baby's car seat!
-if you're going to breatfeed or pump, I recommend bringing a nipple cream. I had a rough start with breastfeeding my oldest & I was chapped & bleeding the first night but the cream really made a difference. The hospital provided Lansinoh which I really liked, but it was so much more expensive there than just buying your own @Walmart
-some people told me to take scented lotion, etc to relax me but I found the scents made me nauseas. Both my labors were fairly easy compared to horror stories people are compelled to share with you just before you go have a baby, but I did feel that nauseated "yucky" feeling that I compared to the feelings I had the first trimester.

You'll be fine. Everyone's labor is different, but the main thing to remember (now and for at least the next two years!) is that Cadence is calling the shots. If you have a birth plan and need to deviate from it, that's okay. Whatever is best for you & baby is all that matters. Good luck the rest of your pregnancy. I'll be praying for you!

Erica said...

Thanks ladies! I love getting encouragement and help through other mommas :)