Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Hello my privateers!!

Privacy is awesome let me tell ya! I was so excited when all of you wanted to continue to follow along. Without sounding like a drama llama I will just tell you that some people were stealing my pictures and some people following along were total creepers.

I want to be able to blog because i love it but don't want to worry about some people putting my info or pics of my daughter where I don't want them.

Anyways onward!!!

Until I figure out my blogger app my pictures will be wonky compared to my comments on them.

Cellphone unload!!!

Some ornery cats and a baby belly!

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Jessie said...

It's amazing how many people that follow along! When I went private a few years ago and asked for email addresses, I got messages from people that I'd never heard of that had a blogger profile but no blog and just wanted to keep up w/us. Kind of sweet, but kind of scary too. You just never know. Privacy is def a good thing. Can't wait to see pics of miss cadence :)