Tuesday, January 7, 2014

13 and 14 Months

You weigh 22 lbs. (well a month ago you did)

You are sleeping through the night still and take 2 Naps a day, feeling the transition to 1 here real soon.

You are in Size 4 Diapers.

You wear 12-18 Month Clothing.  Super excited about valentines Clothing coming up!!!  Heart elbow patches, Swoon!

You are loving all your awesome Christmas gifts.  On that topic it was a great Christmas!!!

Your favorite toys right now are Doc Mcstuffins ball pit, Shopping cart, Princess Castle, and your play makeup brushes.

You have a favorite blankie that you sleep with.  It is the cutest Winnie The Pooh recieving blanket you have had since you were born.

You are saying all kinds of things, doggy, lucy (my mom's dog), kitty, momma, dada, pappaw, mammaw, bubba, baba (bottle) and many other ramblings.

You eat table food but still alot of baby stuff, you only have 2 teeth still!!  Ritz crackers are your fave!

There is so much I don't want to forget about this stage!  You like to cuddle and say awwwww when you do.  You like to dance!  You are very helpful in your own way. ( throws laundry on floor, pulls clean dishes out and puts on floor and then claps!).  You are sensitive and cry when other people are crying.  

I love you and I love being your Momma!!

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