Wednesday, January 15, 2014

What's up Wednesday!

Currently watching sweet girl rampage the living room!  Cheerios, clothes, and toys Oh My!!!  I have learned to let go a little bit on the "keeping things clean" around here.  It's more of "you better pick that up before bed" or you will step on a lego at 4 am.  Have you ever stepped on a lego, especially the big duplo ones??? Sheesh it hurts!  We are having a lazy day here then will be putting on our Camo after lunch and starting our Duck Dynasty Marathon!  New season starts tonight!  Happy Happy Happy!!

Our Current favorite book.  We read it over and over and overrrrrrrr!  Good thing we have 3 copies!

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Kristie B said...

One of the hardest mommy things, learning to let it go when it comes to one year old toy tornados! ( Umm we both have one year olds now! Eek!!)

What camera do you use? You know I love your Cadence shots!!