Friday, January 3, 2014


I am a huge resolutions girl.  I try to make some small and some big.  I know I don't do all of them every year but I try and that is what counts in my book.  Mike knows me too well and got the best Christmas present ever!  An Erin Condren planner.  It is epic.  For a planner loving fool like me it is the peanut butter to my jelly!  It is where I will keep my resolutions to keep me accountable and of course everything else I need!

2014 Resolutions

Keep photos organized
       upload to shutterfly
       update frames

Keep up on birthdays/anniversary's
       send cards

Organize addresses
        address book
        phone book

Organize pinterest boards

Project life 365

Keep garage organized and clean


Print pictures weekly or monthly

My Fitness Pal everyday

Go to bed at a reasonable time.

Be more present in everyday life, don't be so set on schedules and routine.

Now the good stuff!  Pictures!


Rebecca Jaffe said...

OMG I am soooo j of your planner! Hubby got me a nice one from office depot but it's not all adorbs like yours!

Erica said...

Thanks! You def need one of these next year!!

Whitney said...

Love that planner!!!

Erica said...

Thanks Whit!

Guatmama said...

Gasp! Eye candy!!! Enjoy

Erica said...

hehe :) thank you!

Kristie B said...

Needing one of those! And love the resolutions!! Thankfully I am OCD about pictures (in case you couldn't tell hehe ) so mine are always updated, whew!

Ashley said...

Do tell where you got your planner? Love it! I don't really make New Years resolutions but did choose a word to focus on for this year. You mentioned it.....being in the "present" moment!

Erica said...

@kristie You need to keep me accountable on pics up to date! @ashley I got it at . That's a great word to focus on this year! Especially when you get your sweet bundle of joy!!!

Andrea said...

What!?!? Why is your hubby awesome!? lol Im lovin all the EC stuff!!! Jealous!

Erica said...

Haha thanks andrea! He's a keeper!

Rachel said...


I bought one of these for myself this Christmas, and I LOVE it! So neat to someone else I know to have gotten one too!!!