Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Falling into place...

Everything is beginning to fall into place. I have been going thru orientation at Deaconess and start my first actual shift this saturday. Mike is doing awesome and enjoys St Marys. He just got an 11-11 shift also so yeah we are going to be on the same shift!!!! Evans room is coming along great. Carpet is in and walls are painted. Heather, Brooke, and I had a great time at Chicago and seeing USHER!!!! There are tons of funny stories but are better told in person, hahahaha right girls!! Once we get our computer all fixed up right I will be able to upload some pictures. Maybe after thanksgiving I will be able to put up tons of pics. I know I say this alot but I miss all my coworkers and friends at bloomington. I will hopefully visit after the first of the New Year. I know I have already posted on the upcoming holidays but I have to say it again... I LOVE IT!!! Our DVR is totally packed with shows already! I cant wait to decorate! I hope everyone is having a great week so far and have a great weekend coming up.

On to another note... with everything "falling into place" I have to be so thankful to our heavenly father for these great things. Without him nothing would be possible. I only come to God when I need something, isnt that sad?? Striving to be closer with him and his word is my highest goal, along with other new years resolutions this is the highest of importance and hope to be a stronger witness for God.

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