Thursday, November 20, 2008


Evans Room and Brooke Heather and I in Chicago.

So Mike came home from work today and he has been wanting a new cat forever because jinxy is "my cat" and just doesnt like him all that well but when he got home he said we are going to the shelter to get a cat. I have never been to the shelter and boy it was nice and sad at the same time. We played with the cats and wanted to take them all home and heard the dogs barking and just wanted to raise them all. If you want a new pet the shelter is a great place to get them. They are well taken care of, already have their shots and they install a chip for tracking purposes and we got coupons for more shots and spay/nueter coupons, food, and papers all for 65. Well, We ended up with one. Serenity. She is so cute and precious and Mike got what he wanted. Beside eating and playing Serenity has not left his side. If you all know Jinxy you know she is throwing a fit and hopefully will get over it. She just keeps hissing and hides under the bed.

It started snowing while we were at the shelter and Mike and I were basically jumping up and down like kids!!! It was awesome.

Ill leave you with some pictures of serenity and others I have promised. Have a great day.

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