Sunday, December 20, 2009

Merry Christmas to me!!

Woohoo I got so much awesome stuff for my camera!!!! I just bought myself this awesome camera strap cover @ (llloooooovvvveee that website). It is soooo cute they are camera straps made by *Shey*(B). , check it out, she has great stuff! Mike got me a great 50 mm lens and I am getting ready to get a new camera bag. I found the most awesome website!!! This beautiful lady is the bomb!! I am just amazed with all that she does and has the best photos I have seen yet while studying photography. I only hope to be half as good as her. Just check it out she rocks! She also had this really cool blog that was a year in review, hmmmm I think I will. Hahaha. I am telling you I am just in awe how cool she is.

Speaking of a new year, I am getting excited. I love every year at this time when you can make resolutions (that I never can keep :) haha) , have a clean slate and reorganize and majorly clean your home.

We are going shopping wednesday (talk about last minute :)) Then thursday morning I have a shoot with the lovely Bullock family and then ITS CHRISTMAS EVE TIME BABY!!!!

MERRY CHRISTMAS AND HAPPY NEW YEAR if I dont make it back on the tell you before thursday!!!!!

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