Tuesday, December 22, 2009

2009... Year in Review

January: I was still working in Evansville and so was Mike. Still living in Princeton and trying to get out, hahahaha.

February: Nothing much this month other than me totaling our trailblazer in the horrible ice storm :( But God was watching over me and protected me, didn't come out with a scratch.

March: Mike turned 35 and I had a surprise party at our house for him. And Cooper turned 1!!!

April: I started working at BHER again. Loved everything but the drive and being away from home.

May: I married the man of my dreams!! We went to Pigeon Forge with some friends and family and had a great time.

June: Had a big reception celebrating our wedding, tons of family and friends came and we were so blessed to spend time with all of them and celebrate our new life.

July: We were able to get full and complete custody of Evan (yay!!) and we moved to Jasper.

August: Evan started school at Jasper High school and Band season started, our life began as very busy band parents.

September: Nothing much here but working and enjoying the Fall.

October: I turned the big 2-5!!! It was the first year that it just felt like another day :(

November: I started working at a local ER and love it. Working 6a-4p and actually have a normal life.

December: Lots of Holiday planning, baking, and parties.

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Andrea said...

Aww I didnt know you guys had full custody of Evan. Thats great!