Friday, December 18, 2009

Nothing really new...

Ladonna says its going to be an awesome day! HAHA Ladonna is a really sweet nurse I work with and she used to work with Mike. Work has been great, I know I know I have said it so many times, but dayshift is AMAZING. We joined B and B fitness and have been working out everynight for a week. I feel so good when I work out (amazing isnt it, haha all those work out goo roos were right).

Loren was really sick last night and Kari had a program so when we finished working out we stopped by and picked up Cooper. He was so cute! He had on his green frog boots with his jeans tucked in them and a camoflauge shirt on. He loves uncle Mike so of course he kept saying Mike Mike Mike, and sometimes EE (me). We ate pot roast, watched Charlie Brown Christmas, Disney Prep and Landing, Winnie The Pooh Christmas, and had bath time with Sesame Street bath toys, it was sooooooooooo fun. It made me really want babies!

Tonight Mom is coming over and we are all going to dinner then looking at christmas lights, then back home to start making cookie dough that need refrig. overnight and Saturday Mom and I are going to have a baking, shopping, movie watching day!! I just love this time of the year! Everyone is just so much happier :)

Anyways have a great weekend and rest of the work day.

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