Sunday, February 6, 2011

My Hometown

i live about 40 mins from my hometown
that is not far at all
considering i drive 45-50 mins
the other way to work
but yet it always seems too far
for me to just pick up and drive to
go visit friends
go visit family
go to zumba classes
go to dinner
but when i finally do 
i get this amazing feeling
as i drive thru all the familiar towns on the way
and pass by old friends houses
old "stomping grounds"
and local businesses
for people that have never left probably are thinking
this girl is crazy
that i may be but it never changes that old feeling
so last night i was sitting at home
hubs looked at me and said
"when was the last time you just went to stay at your moms, no plans, just went"
FOREVER it seems
so i packed up and went to stay at my moms
as i drove into town
  a song came on the radio that made me reminisce even more
made me realize
no matter how far away you get and wherever your life takes you
home really is where the heart is


Carri said...

I TOTALLY agree with you!! I only live about 7 miles from my parents hosue, but for some reason when I go over it's like I never left.

Carri said...

okay that was suppose to say "house"! oops :)

Sandy said...

this gave me chills. Good blog girl, and just know, you're welcome here in the home town any day of the week :) Love you!