Saturday, February 26, 2011

a little of this..... a little of that....

i would say i am a dabbler
as hubs would say......
"you are so black and white
there is never a gray for you"
"you are gung ho about things and then you stop"
well after knowing me from my blog
you are probably thinking THATS IT!  THAT IS EXACTLY HOW SHE IS!!!
i know i am so hot and cold
i go gung ho and mean so well
then poof
my lazy, unmotivated, whiny, excusive (not a word but I said it so it is now :) self kicks in
one thing i am good at.....
talking up a mean game, as in.......
"i am gonna punch you in the face"
"i am gonna punch him/her in the face"
"if i just punched someone in the face, i would feel better and so on"
its an issue i know but i really do feel better when i say it :)
anyways, long story short, my friend CARRI 
introduced me to SkinnyRunner .
head on over and check it out
its motivating and well my gunghoness has kicked in
because of this..............

Thats right!
that is my kinda shirt!
so in closing
see ya out on the pavement
and maybe a mini!

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