Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Love Day!!!!!

did you miss me???
i missed you!
a little technology break is good every once in a while
trust me
you should try it
going to bed at 730 everynight
getting a good nights rest
it does wonders!
HAPPY LOVE DAY my friends!!!!!!
i woke up to a beautiful vase full of flowers and a card
hubs got a tervis tumbler and some swedish fish
we are making dinner together tonight :)
and watching lovie movies
yes i know
you can barf now!
heres a little peekie into our day

Serenity even loves them!

Have you seen these things???? soooooo cute!!

You put little surprises in it! and the feet have a clippie to clip stuff to it!

wishing you lots of love
The Snell Family!!!

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