Tuesday, April 12, 2011

organization continues....

well my spring cleaning is in full effect
i am trying to be more frugal, plan, and make better meals
How do you do it for your household?
Shop once a week?
Shop for a whole month?
Cook healthy or easy?
I would love to hear from everyone?????

this is my new thing- set out meals and label them with the day
and exactly what we are having.
I went to WalMart today and got dinner for 3 weeks
and household goods for- $139.00
Not bad but we have a cow and pig in our freezer so I didn't have to buy meat
I just know what I have layed out for Wednesday I won't want it by that day
I know I'm finicky!

1 comment:

Carri said...

I shop once a week, actually Denny does it. He is better at staying in the budget! I use to go every 2 weeks, but that got hard with all the kids I have during the week.

I like the idea of "grouping" your meals together. I couldn't sit them on my counters though..my OCD would have a fit! ha! But I have a big enough pantry I could put each days meal on a shelf, or in some labeled baskets. I always do a menu before going to the store, so this would make it even easier come dinner time! Thanks for the little idea! I'm all about organization :)